BS7835 – 6.35/11kV Single Core AWA Cable

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Single Core Awa Cable | 11kV Voltage


BS7835 Cable Description: Single core armoured cable with XLPE insulation. Rated voltage 6.35/11 KV, manufactured by Nexans

International Standards:  IEC 60502-2

National Standards:  BS 7835

Description: BS7835 11kV medium voltage electric power cable with copper conductors, semi-conductive conductor screen, XLPE insulation, semi-conductive insulation screen, copper tape metallic screen, LSZH bedding, aluminium wires armour (AWA) and LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)  outer sheath. The cable is suitable for rated voltage 6/10KV according to IEC 60502-2.

Application: suitable for installation in energy networks where for safety reasons Low Smoke, Halogen Free and flame retardant cables are specified. The cable is suitable for installation underground, in ducts or in air vents.

BS7835 - 6.35/11kV Single Core AWA Cable


♦ See Cable Jointing Tools to enable cable sheath, semi-con screen and insulation removal of Nexans BS7835 medium voltage power cables.

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➡ See HV Cable Joints, Terminations & Connectors to enable the installation of BS7835 – 6.35/11kV Single Core AWA Cable – for terminatingHeat Shrink Cable Terminations medium voltage cables into MV-HV gas insulated switchgear, transformers and electrical equipment with outer cone type bushings please see Nexans Euromold connectors  slip-on, heat shrink terminations and cold shrink cable joints from 11kV-33kV (42kV) also available for MV-HV cables.

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