BS7835 – 6.35/11kV Single Core AWA Cable

11kV 33kV Cables

Nexans Cable Description: Single core armoured cable with XLPE insulation. Rated voltage 6.35/11 KV


International :  IEC 60502-2
National :  BS 7835

11kV Cable

Description: BS7835 11kV medium voltage electric power cable with copper conductors, semi-conductive conductor screen, XLPE insulation, semi-conductive insulation screen, copper tape metallic screen, LSZH bedding, aluminium wires armour (AWA) and LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen)  outer sheath. The cable is suitable for rated voltage 6/10KV according to IEC 60502-2.

BS7835 - 6.35/11kV Single Core AWA Cable


♦ See Cable Jointing Tools to enable cable sheath, semi-con screen and insulation removal of BS7835 cables.

High Voltage Cables

Nexans manufacture an extensive range of MV & HV Cables, 11kV, 33V & 66kV

➡ See HV Cable Joints, Terminations & Connectors to enable the installation of BS6622 6.35/11kV 3 Core SWA Cable – for terminatingHeat Shrink Cable Terminations medium voltage cables into MV-HV gas insulated switchgear, transformers and electrical equipment with outer cone type bushings please see Nexans Euromold connectors  slip-on, heat shrink terminations and cold shrink cable joints from 11kV-33kV (42kV) also available for MV-HV cables.

Nexans Euromold Connectors

Nexans Euromold screened separable connectors, elbows and Tee-connectors terminate high voltage cables with polymeric insulation (XLPE & EPR) onto switchgear and transformer bushings.