11kV 12kV Cable Termination Kits HV Single Core XLPE Indoor (Heat Shrink)

Cable Termination 11kV

Cable Termination 11kV | Single Core | XLPE | Indoor

XLPE cable termination kits using heat shrink technology are suitable for indoor terminating of medium/high voltage (MV-HV) single core cables up to 12kV.

Used to terminate 11kV/12kV power cables into MV-HV switchgear, transformer, motor or cable boxes – outdoor 11kV cable termination version available.

Single Core XLPE Cable Termination


  • Cable Termination Type – Heat Shrink
  • Termination Location – Indoor
  • Voltage – 11kV/12kV
  • Cable Insulation Type – XLPE EPR (Polymeric)
  • Number of Cores – Single Core
  • Conductors – 16sqmm, 25sqmm, 35sqmm, 50sqmm, 70sqmm, 95sqmm, 120sqmm, 150sqmm, 185sqmm, 240sqmm, 300sqmm, 400sqmm, 500sqmm, 630sqmm, 800sqmm
  • Heat Shrink Standard Tail Length – 350mm
  • Suit 11kV Cables – BS6622, BS7835, BS7870, BS6883, BS7917 & IEC60502-2

11kV cable Termination Testing & Selection

Shrink Polymer Systems test 11kV heat shrink joints and terminations as detailed in CENELEC standards HD 628 S1 and 629.1 S2:2006 encompassing VDE 0278 and IEC 60502.

The following table enables the heat shrink termination kit selection for single core indoor XLPE cables up to 12kV – customised terminations available to suit all types of high voltage polymeric cables cables.

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11kV/12kV Cable Termination Indoor  XLPE Heat Shrink Cable Termination Kit Range – Single Core 11kV/12kV Cable Termination Outdoor 
1TIS-12X-A 16-25sqmm 1TES-12X-A
1TIS-12X-B 35-95sqmm 1TES-12X-B
1TIS-12X-C 120-240sqmm 1TES-12X-C
1TIS-12X-D 300-500sqmm 1TES-12X-D
1TIS-12X-E 630-800sqmm 1TES-12X-E

Cable Termination Kit List

Anti Track Heat Shrink Core Tubes (Red) 3
Stress Control Heat Shrink Tubes (Black) 3
Yellow Stress Relief Tape (Screened HV XLPE Cable only) 3
Red Mastic Sealing Tape 1
XLPE Cable Cleaning Degreasing Wipes 3
HV Jointing Instructions Single Core XLPE Indoor 1


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Complete supporting range of indoor cable termination accessories for 11kV single core cables.

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T&D distribute HV heat shrink, cold shrink and plug-in style cable terminations and connectors for high voltage connection of power cables to air, gas or oil insulated switchgear and transformers, 11kV-33kV.

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