11kV Joint 3 Core PILC Cables 240-400sqmm SPAJ 17.5P-240-400-3

11kV Cable Joints 3 Core PILC Heat Shrink Straight Joint Kits

11kV Heat Shrink 3 Core Cable Joints

11kV heat shrink cable joints are suitable for connecting, repairing and jointing medium/high voltage (MV-HV) 3 core paper insulated cables (PILC).

Heat shrink cable joints suit 11kV cables with 240sqmm, 300sqmm or 400sqmm 3 core conductors (copper or aluminium).

11kV Joint 3 Core PILC Cables

  • Cable Joint Type – Heat Shrink
  • Cable Voltage – 11kV
  • Number of Cores – 3 Core
  • Conductors – 240sqmm, 300sqmm, 400sqmm
  • Cable Insulation Type – PILC
  • Joint Kit Order Code – SPAJ 17.5P-240-400-3
  • MV HV 11kV Paper Insulated Cables – BS6480
  • Conductor JointingPfisterer Sicon (Mechanical) or Cembre (Crimp)

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The following enables the heat shrink joint kit selection for 11kV 3 core cables with PILC insulation:

11kV PILC Cable Joint – Order Code Cable Joint Kit Range – 3 Core Cables
SPAJ 17.5P-25-50-3 25-50sqmm
SPAJ 17.5P-70-95-3 70-95sqmm
SPAJ 17.5P-120-185-3 120-185sqmm
SPAJ 17.5P-240-400-3 240-400sqmm

Heat Shrink Cable Joints

Heat Shrink Cable Joints – suitable for jointing HV 11kV underground cables (direct burial into cable trench) or positioned on cable containment in MV-HV substations.

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