3 Core 70sqmm Waveform Cables XLPE 600/1000V

Waveform Cables

3 Core 70sqmm

Waveform Cables

XLPE Insulation | Copper Wire Waveform | Aluminium Conductors | PVC Sheathed Cable

3 core 70sqmm waveform cables 600/1000V with XLPE insulation, copper wire waveform concentric cables with solid aluminium conductors (sector shaped) and PVC cable sheath manufactured by TF Kable.

  • Number and cross-sectional area of conductor – 3x70SE
  • Approximate overall cable diameter – 31.5mm
  • Approximate weight of cables – 1662kg/km
  • Thickness of insulation min at any point – 0.89mm
  • Thickness of insulation min average – 1.1mm
  • Minimum cable core lay length – 700mm
  • Typical waveform cable lay length – 220mm
  • Thickness of outer cable sheath min at any point – 1.51mm
  • Thickness of outer cable sheath min average – 1.9mm
  • Standard cable drum sizes – 500m or 1000m

Core Identification – 3 Core Brown Black Grey

Cable pulling force 30N/sqmm according to BS7870-1 Annex A Clause A.4.12 for 3 core 70sqmm waveform cables is 6.3kN – a complete range of cable pulling equipment for underground service cables, mains cables and 11kV/33kV cables are available including cable rollers for direct burial into trench and cable socks for pulling into ducts.

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