3M 8447-3.2 Silicone Cold Shrink Tube

3M 8447-3.2 Silicone Cold Shrink Tube 12.19 - 24.13mm

3M 8447-3.2 Silicone Cold Shrink Tube 12.19 – 24.13mm

3M 8447-3.2

3M 8447-3.2 is a silicone cold shrink tube insulator which is fire resistant and used for low voltage cable joints, splices, cable repairs and for insulation protection. The sleeves are factory expanded and assembled on a removable supporting plastic core.

Cold Shrink

The tubes manufactured by 3M Electrical, utilise their Cold Shrink technology for simple and reliable mechanical sealing and electrical insulation of Low Voltage cables and connections – this ensures a permanent, durable environmental seal and insulation.

No tooling, such as jointers torches, are required with cold shrink tubing installation and it is able to cover a wide range of cable cross sections.

This pre-stretched cold shrink tubing is suitable as primary insulation on a range of 1000v cables with copper or aluminium conductors.

T&D stock the full range of Cold Shrink including 3M 8447-3.2 is available ex stock, contact us for price, delivery or to place an order.

Cold Shrink Tubing - 3M 8443-6.5

Cold Shrink Tubing – 3M 8447-3.2


  • Cable Range (sqmm) – 50 – 70
  • Min. Dia (Cable Diameter) For Seal (mm) – 12.19
  • Max. Dia (Cable or Connector Diameter) Insulator Covers (mm) – 24.13
  • Length (A) (mm) – 48.3 – 64
  • ID (B) (mm) – 27.2
  • Operating Temperature – -55 up to +260°C
  • Product Type – Splice
  • Splice Type – Cold Shrink
  • Shrink Ratio – 2:1
  • Colour – Grey
  • Order Code – 3M 8447-3.2
  • Manufacturer – 3M Electrical
  • Product – Cold Shrink Tube


ATEX – Potentially Explosive Atmospheres & Hazardous Area Locations (HAZLOC)

3M 8447-3.2

3M 8447-3.2 is subject to “Statement of Exclusion” with respect to the ATEX Directive as they are effectively “non-sparking” when installed in accordance with 3M Electrical installation instructions and do not pose a potential explosion risk – used extensively in Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas designated according to ATEX within the EU in both onshore and offshore locations. For specification guidance about use of Cold Shrink products, including 3M 8447-3.2, in relation to NEC, CEC, IEC & UL Classes & Divisions please contact Thorne & Derrick.

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Silicone Cold Shrink 3M

3M Silicone Cold Shrink

Cold shrink cable joints also available, including MV-HV cable voltages 11kV-33kV.

Fire resistant cable cleats for fire alarm, emergency lighting and power applications.

Cold Shrink Silicone Tubes - 3M 8440 Series

Cold Shrink Silicone Tubes – 3M 8440 Series

Cold Shrink

3M invented Cold Shrink in the 1970’s and since then the technology has been adapted to provide LV MV HV Cable Accessories to enable the repair, splice, joint or termination of cables with unrivalled field service performance –  live memory action of the specially formulated Cold Shrink material ensures a permanent, durable environmental seal and moisture-proof insulation.

Cold Shrink Joints LV | Cold Shrink Joints MV HV | Cold Shrink Terminations LV | Cold Shrink Terminations MV HV

To seal or abandon (pot-end) exposed power, control or instrumentation cables up to 3.3kV see  ➡  Cable Caps | Cable Abandonment

Shelf Life & Storage

3M 8447-3.2 Cold Shrink Silicone Rubber Connector Insulators (8440 Series) have a 3-year shelf life from date of manufacture when stored in a humidity controlled storage (10°C/50°F to 27°C/80°F and <75% relative humidity).

Cold Shrink

LV MV HV | 600/1000V | 11kV 33kV 66kV Cable Accessories Using 3M Cold Shrink

Cold Shrink Terminations 3M

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