3M LVI-3/4

Hazardous area cable joint

Cable Joints - ATEX Zone 1 Zone 2 Hazardous Areas

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3m LVI-3/4

XLPE EPR PILC Cables 600V/1000V Up To 3.3kV

Min 28mm – Max 51mm | 4 Core Cable up to 50sqmm

3M LVI-3/4 Scotchcast hazardous area cable joints are used to joint, splice or cable repair single core and multi-core armoured polymeric power cables with XLPE or EPR insulation, lead sheath and core conductors 25sqmm-185sqmm.

LVI34 cable joints are suitable for both EPR wire braided (galvanised steel wire braid GSWB) and XLPE wire armoured (galvanised steel wire armour SWA) cables, including PILC cables with lead sheath. Compatible with braid armour/armor of bronze or tinned copper and arctic grade cable sheath.

Using mechanical shearbolt connectors, such as Pfisterer Sicon, the cable joints can be used with both metric and AWG/kcmil specification conductors.

Joint kits also suitable for transition joints to PILC cable – contact T&D for clarification about ATEX certification for cable joints in Zone 1 & Zone 2 hazardous areas.

Where no “hot-working” is permitted in hazardous areas and potentially explosive atmospheres but hydrocarbon resistant resin cable joints are not required, we can recommend Cold Shrink type cable joints for cable connections, joints or repairs.

Suitable for Splicing & Jointing Cables in Hazardous Areas

The ATEX Directive covers an extensive range of equipment used on oil and gas platforms, petrochemical plants, mines, flourmills and other areas where a potentially explosive atmosphere may be present – these are commonly referred to as “hazardous areas” and categorised according to the potential explosion risk into Zones under the European Directive known as ATEX.

In very broad terms, there are 3 pre-conditions for the ATEX Directive to apply to the
electrical equipment and cable accessories for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and hazardous areas:

a) must have its own source of ignition;
b) be intended for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere (air mixtures); and
c) be under normal atmospheric conditions.

When used as directed, 3M cable joints do not have a source of ignition. The firing of an explosive atmosphere may be caused by a short circuit, but when installed according to 3M instructions, their cable joints (both resin and Cold Shrink) are safe against short circuits. To conclude, 3M cable joints and Cold Shrink accessories are not within the scope of the ATEX Directive.

Although cable joints are not formally certified according to ATEX there are several minimum specification and performance requirements for cable joints when being used to connect, repair or joint cables in hazardous areas. Standard industrial cable joints will not provide adequate electrical insulation and mechanical protection – they utilise polyurethane resins which are not hydrocarbon resistant and will suffer chemical and molecular breakdown overtime when exposed to aggressive and corrosive atmospheres. Eventual failure of the cable joint will cause power outage and the need to cut-out the failed cable joint and re-joint using a suitable product.

3M LVI-3 type cable joints include specially formulated 3M Scotchcast 1402FR resin – this resin is hydro carbon resistant, flame retardant, halogen free and chemical resistant for use in hazardous area locations.

Cable Joint Applications

The cable joint shell and resin is water resistant, flame retardant, hydrocarbon resistant and halogen free – LVI3 type resin cable joints are stable at lower temperatures down to -40°C with severe cold durability for splicing and jointing single and multiple conductor cables in demanding environments on offshore drilling and petroleum facilities.

These type of cable joints are suitable for cables with the following Ratings & Approvals:

  • NVE 95/1696 FAL
  • Transport Canada 8700-20-2
  • Det Norske Veritas (DNV) E-6669, E-6388, E-6390, E-6391
  • Lloyds Register Of Shipping (LRS) 91/60333 (E6)
  • American Bureau Of Shipping (ABS) 99-BT5905-X
  • UL Listed Marine Shipboard Cable (E111461)
  • United States Coast Guard 1986/9304
  • CSA Listed Marine Shipboard Cable (82346)

3M LVI-3/4 Joint Kit Selection
  • ATEX Cable Joints For Hazardous Areas

    Suitable For Zone 1 & Zone 2 Hazardous Areas

    Cable Joints – Resin Encapsulated

  • Single Core Armoured/Braided Cable 1kV – 120-185sqmm
  • 2 Core Armoured/Braided Cable 1kV – 35-70sqmm
  • 3 Core Armoured/Braided Cable 1kV – 25-50sqmm
  • 4 Core Armoured/Braided Cable 1kV – 25-35sqmm
  • Single Core Armoured/Braided 3.3kV – 120-185sqmm
  • 3 Core Armoured/Braided 3.3kV – 16-35sqmm
  • Cable Voltage 600/1000V (up to 3.3kV)
  • 3M LVI-3/4 utilises Scotchcast 1402FR resin
  • Chemical Resistant, Halogen Free & Flame Retardant
  • Order Code 3M LVI34

3M LVI-3/4 Hazardous Area Cable Joints Dimensions
3M LVI-3/4 Kit Size  3M LVI-3/x-C Kit Part Number  Dimensions A (mm) Dimensions B (mm) Dimensions C (mm) Dimensions D (mm) Image Dimensions
Size 4 LVI-3/4 28 51 69 400 3M LVI-3/x Hazardous Area Cable Joints - Dimensions


➡ Selection table for 3M LVI34 cable joints:

CSA (sqmm) 3M LVI-3/4 Kit Reference
1 Core 1kV 2 Core 1kV 3 Core 1kV 4 Core 1kV 1 Core 3.3kV 3 Core 3.3kV
 16  – LVI-3/4
 25  – LVI-3/4 LVI-3/4 LVI-3/4
 35  – LVI-3/4 LVI-3/4 LVI-3/4 LVI-3/4
 50 LVI-3/4 LVI-3/4 LVI-3/5
 70 LVI-3/4
 120 LVI-3/4 LVI-3/4
150 LVI-3/4 LVI-3/4
185 LVI-3/4 LVI-3/4

Scotchcast 1402FR Resin

The Scotchcast 1402FR resin will be supplied, in two-chamber plastic pouches with peelable barrier in the correct stoichiometric proportion.

This type of packaging will assure the correct mixing ratio for applying the cable jointing resin. The 3M cable joint kit includes a Closed Mix Delivery System. The integrated pouring spout is opened by the Jointer using the supplied opener.

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Hazardous Area Cable Joints

3M Hazardous Area Cable Joints – complete with earth continuity kits for wire armoured (XLPE) and braided cables (EPR)