3M LVI-1/x-PT15 Scotchcast Inline Resin Cable Joints (470W Resin) – Pilot & Telecom Cables

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3M LVI-1/x-PT15 Scotchcast Inline Resin Cable Joints (470W Resin) – Pilot & Telecom Cables

3M LVI-1/x-PT15 Scotchcast Inline Resin Cable Joints (470W Resin) – Pilot & Telecom Cables

Pilot Cable Joints

Multipair & Multi-core Cables

3M LVI-1/x-PT15 Scotchcast resin cable joint kits are designed to be used for multicore or multipair armoured polymeric telecom cables with an induced voltage rating of up to 8.5kV, and for pilot cables with an induced voltage rating of up to 15kV.

Pilot Cables – Induced Overvoltage Control 5kV & 15kV

Pilot cables are insulated with special materials which are designed to protect the cables from the danger of induced voltages up to 15kV transmitted from other cable circuits in close proximity (for example, faults in high voltage power cable circuits).

Pilot cables with induced overvoltage control avoid permanent damage from short-circuits on electronic equipment such as instrumentation, control and telecommunication systems, both at head-end terminals and substations – this reduces risk of electric shocks and injuries to people working on current cable maintenance, jointing and fault repairs.

3M Scotchcast Resin Joint kits LVI1PT15 are designed for jointing of multi-core or multipair armoured polymeric pilot cables with an induced voltage rating of up to 15kV and telecom cables with an induced voltage rating of 8.75kV.

3M LVI-1/x-PT15 Scotchcast incorporates electrical insulation and mechanical protection of joints with mechanical shearbolt connectors or compression type manufactured by Cembre.

The cable joints can be used for indoor and outdoor, underground and submerged applications.

3M Scotchcast hazardous area cable joints are available for jointing power, pilot and instrumentation cables in Zone 1 and Zone 2 potentially explosive atmospheres.

Jelly Filled Pilot Cables

The 3M Scotchcast cable joints are also suitable for jointing polyethylene multipair cable constructions with jelly filled cable cores – the steel wire armour (SWA) and polyvinylchloride (PVC) outer cable sheath are suitable for installation underground and onto cable containment.

The Jointer should carefully use cable cleaning or cleaners to remove traces of the jelly from the cable during jointing. – this jelly provides waterblocking where the cable core is completely filled with petroleum jelly.

Cable joints are available for 7, 19, 37 and 61 pair cables where the two insulated conductors are twisted together to form a pair – to prevent ingress of moisture the cable ends should be sealed with cable caps.

Cable Joints

3M LVI-1/x-PT15 Scotchcast Inline Resin Cable Joints (470W Resin)


  • Scotchcast 470W resin in transparent two chamber bags with integrated Closed Mixing and Pouring (CMP) system
  • One part translucent Mould Body with Snap Fit closing system for quick and easy handling
  • Pre cut foam sealing elements to provide reliable sealing to the Mould Body without tooling for all cable application diameters
  • Closure cap to prevent any pollution
3M LVI-1 x-PT15 Scotchcast Inline Resin Cable Joints (470W Resin)

3M LVI-1 x-PT15 Scotchcast Inline Resin Cable Joints (470W Resin)

3M LVI-1/x-PT15 Kit Contents

  • Translucent mould body with closure cap
  • Scotchcast 470W resin bag with CMP
  • Pre-cut sealing elements
  • Scotch 23 tape
  • Insulation tubing (excluding kit sizes 2 & 7)
  • Constant force springs
  • Copper stocking
  • Spacer web tape
  • Detailed Jointing Instruction

3m Cable Joint description – LVI-1 x-PT15

3M Scotchcast LVI-1 x-PT15 resin inline joint kit are supplied with a two part translucent mould body for simple and easy handling.

3M Scotchcast Resin Cable Joints

Scotchcast Joints – Safe & Reliable Resins

Distances inside the body can be checked easily.

All necessary dimensions, like application range, cable preparation are given in the detailed jointing instruction.

The Mould Body can be adapted to the required cable diameter by cutting the marked areas of the Mould

Scotchcast resin 470W is delivered in a two chamber bag and aluminium Guard Bag for protection against humidity.

The re-openable seam and integrated spout with a membrane provides a 3M Closed, Mixing and Pouring (pictured) cable jointing system. After the seam of the two chamber bag is opened, the Scotchcast resin components can be mixed.

To pour the resin into the mould body, the spout is connected with the dome by turning 180°. While turning, the membrane is cut open to pour the resin.

To provide resin handling without any skin contact, disposable gloves meeting EN394 are provided with the kit.

The 3M Closed Mixing and Pouring System provides resin handling without any skin contact – for protection against pollution, a closure cap is applied onto the dome. After curing, the remaining joint resin in the bag can be disposed as household waste.

3M LVI-1/x-PT15 Scotchcast Cable Joint Selection

3M Electrical Part Number Cable Range (Pairs) Max Cable OD (mm) Recommended Connector
PE Insulated Armoured Multi pair Cables, 0.9sqmm
LVI-1/3-PT15 4 32 314
LVI-1/4-PT15 7 36 314
LVI-1/5-PT15 19 45 314
LVI-1/6-PT15 37 54 314
LVI-1/7-PT15 61 67 314
PVC Insulated Armoured Multi pair Cables, 0.9sqmm
LVI-1/2-PT15 2 25 314
LVI-1/4-PT15 5 – 15 36 314
LVI-1/5-PT15 20 – 30 45 314
LVI-1/6-PT15 40 – 50 54 314
LVI-1/7-PT15 75 – 100 67 314
PVC Insulated Armoured Multi Core Cables, 1.5 – 2.5sqmm
LVI-1/3-PT15 2 – 4 32 198-411
LVI-1/4-PT15 7 – 12 36 198-411
LVI-1/5-PT15 12 – 27 45 198-411
LVI-1/6-PT15 27 – 37 54 198-411
3M Scotchcast 470W Resin

Scotchcast 470W resin is in compliance with EU regulation 1907/2007/EC (REACH) and has a shelf life of at least 36 months when stored between 15°C and 35°C with a humidity level < 75 % in the originally sealed bag.

The expiration date of each product appears on the product label. Storage beyond the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, it is the responsibility of the user to determine applicability of the resin.

Cable Joints 3M - 3M LVI-1/x

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