Cembre TC085 Cutting Head (Up To 85mm Diameter Cable)

Cembre TC085 Cutting Head (Up To 85mm Diameter Cable)

Cembre TC085 Cutting Head (Up To 85mm Diameter Cable)

Cembre TC085 is a hydraulic cutting head tool with quick automatic coupler for connection to a hydraulic pump with a working pressure of 10,000 psi max.

TC085 cutting head features the same cutting capability as the Cembre HT-TC0851 cable cutting tool.

The tool weighs 4.9kg and has an application range suitable for cutting copper and aluminium cables having a maximum diameter of 85mm.

Cembre TC085 Cutting Head

User Instructions

  • Cembre TC085 cutting head is equipped with a “self-lock” quick male coupler which can be connected to a pneumatic or electric pump
  • Insert the conductor between the blades, up to the desired cutting point. For running conductor, release latch and open the tool head
  • Fully retract the lower cutting blade before attempting to open the tool head
  • With the conductor on the lower cutter blade, close the tool head and fully secure the latch
  • Before commencing the cutting operation ensure that the latch is fully secured: partial closure may damage the tool head
  • Operate the pump to advance the lower cutter blade.
  • Make sure the blades are exactly positioned on the desired cutting point; otherwise re-open the blades and re-position the cutting head
  • Continue operating the pump to close the blades and progressively cut the cable
  • Cutting head has been specifically designed for cutting copper or aluminium cable, do not cut steel ropes or steel reinforced cables
  • To open the blades, fully discharge the oil pressure from the pump
  • Recommend only Cembre Lugs & Connectors are used with Cembre tooling



Cembre TC085 Cutting Head Specification
Tool Width 135mm
Tool Length 409mm
Oil Necessary 71cm³
Weight  4.9kg
Nominal Pressure Of Hydraulic Cutting Head 700 bar (10,000 psi)
Cembre TC085 Cutting Head (Up To 85mm Diameter Cable)

Cembre TC085 Cutting Head – Hydraulic Cutting Tool

Cembre TC085

Cembre TC085 provided with a special steel case VAL TC085 to safely transport the cutting head and prevent damage.

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