Cembre TC120 Cutting Head (Up To 120mm Diameter Cable)

Cembre TC120 Cutting Head (Up To 120mm Diameter Cable)

Cembre TC120 Cutting Head (Up To 120mm Diameter Cable)

Cembre TC120 is a hydraulic cutting head tool with a male automatic coupler for connection to a hydraulic pump with a working pressure of 10,000 psi max.

TC120 cutting head’s blades are manufactured from high strength special steel, heat treated to ensure a long service life, and the shape of the blades provides a “clean” cutting of the cable.

The tool weighs 9.5kg and has an application range suitable for cutting copper and aluminium cables having a maximum diameter of 120mm.

Cembre TC120 Cutting Head

User Instructions

  • Cembre TC120 cutting head is equipped with a “self-lock” quick male coupler which can be connected to a pneumatic or electric pump
  • Insert the conductor between the blades, up to the desired cutting point. For running conductor, release latch and open the tool head
  • Fully retract the lower cutting blade before attempting to open the tool head
  • With the conductor on the lower cutter blade, close the tool head and fully secure the latch
  • Before commencing the cutting operation ensure that the latch is fully secured: partial closure may damage the tool head
  • Operate the pump to advance the lower cutter blade.
  • Make sure the blades are exactly positioned on the desired cutting point; otherwise re-open the blades and re-position the cutting head
  • Continue operating the pump to close the blades and progressively cut the cable
  • Cutting head has been specifically designed for cutting copper or aluminium cable, do not cut steel ropes or steel reinforced cables
  • To open the blades, fully discharge the oil pressure from the pump
  • Recommend only Cembre Lugs & Connectors are used with Cembre tooling



Cembre TC120 Cutting Head Specification
Tool Width175mm
Tool Length536mm
Oil Necessary182cm³
Weight 9.5kg
Nominal Pressure Of Hydraulic Cutting Head700 bar (10,000 psi)

CEMBRE TC120 Maintenance

Cembre TC120 cutting head’s oil pressure must always be released before disconnecting the head from the hose. All maintenance operations must be performed with the head disconnected from the hose. TC120 is robust and requires minimal daily maintenance.

The following should help ensure optimum performance of the head:

  • Accurate cleaning – dust and dirt are a danger for any hydraulic cutting head
  • Correct replacement of the automatic male coupler
  • Storage to prevent any damage
Cembre TC120 Cutting Heat (Up To 120mm Diameter Cable)

Cembre TC120 Cutting Head – Hydraulic Cutting Tool

Cembre TC120

Cembre TC120 provided with a special steel case VAL TC120 to safely transport the cutting head and prevent damage

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