Euromold 400TR & 800TR Medium Voltage Test Rod 11kV 33kV

Euromold 400TR & 800TR Test Rod 11kV 33kV

Medium Voltage Test Rods 11kV 33kV

Euromold 400TR and 800TR are medium voltage test rods specified to find cable fault location, phase checking and cable testing. Connections may be made with a cable lug, 4mm plug or spring clips.

The medium voltage test rods are installed at the back of a T-connector or elbow connector to check and monitor the electrical condition of the connector and power system

Euromold 400TR test rod can be used with 430TB tee connectors whilst the 800TR can be used with 480TB484TB or 489TB – all suitable for use with Interface C Compact type bushings on SF6 gas-insulated switchgear.

Connector accessories include: dead-end receptacle, dead-end plug, stand-off plug and earthing plug for type C interfaces.

  • Manufacturer – Nexans Euromold
  • MV HV Equipment Bushing Connector – Interface C Compact
  • Voltage Class A.C. – 36kV Max
  • Voltage Class D.C.96kV Max
  • Terminate & Connect Cables – Polymeric XLPE EPR
  • Applications – MV HV Switchgear, Transformers, Motors

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EUROMOLD 400TR & 800TR Specification

Euromold test rod
Maximum A.C.
test voltage
(50 Hz – 1 min)
Maximum D.C.
test voltage
(8 x
– 30 min)
Impulse voltage
(1.2 x 50 µs)
400TR 33kV 36kV 96kV 95kV
800TR 33kV 36kV 96kV 95kV


Euromold 400TR & 800TR Test Rod 11kV 33kV - Design

Euromold 400TR & 800TR Test Rod 11kV 33kV – Design

  1. Insulating shroud
  2. Threaded rod for test connection
  3. Two nuts M12
  4. Insulation
  5. Copper test rod stem

An insulating shroud is provided to allow the application of test voltages when bushings are closely spaced.

Euromold 400TR & 800TR


The test rod is mounted on to the clamping screw in the type C interface tee and coupling connectors. The test cable is connected to the threaded stem and the insulating shroud moved to its final position over the end of the test rod.

Q: Why Can’t  Euromold 400TR Test Rods Be Used For Testing Of M-Products (75kV AC – 50Hz – 1′)?

Why Is It Limited To 36kV AC – 50Hz – 1′?

A: The concept of a test rod has been made to allow the MV HV network to apply a tension on the cable so “health-check” can be conducted on the power system – the AC voltage is limited to 2U0 to avoid that any damage is done by the test itself (in the past there were also DC tests, but these have been replaced in most cases by VLF tests at 2U0 or 3U0).  The straight forward design of the MV test rod (no stress grading components, limited interference, no screening) does not allow that high voltages (as required in the normal qualification programs) are applied.

The design of the medium voltage test rod necessitates that it must be in contact with the conductor of the cable – this is possible for T-connectors and for Elbow connectors with a removable plug. Note this is not possible for Interface A connectors.

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