Heat Shrink Terminations 2/3/4 Core XLPE/SWA/PVC Cables 0.6/1kV

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Heat Shrink Terminations

Heat Shrink Terminations

Cable Terminations

Low voltage heat shrink cable terminations are available in 2, 3 or 4 core versions with cable conductor range of 4-300sqmm suitable for XLPE/SWA/PVC cables – the terminations provide excellent insulating and sealing performance at LV where ease and speed of installation is required with a reliable field service record in industrial applications up to 3.3kV.

Heat shrink terminations for use with polymeric cables (XLPE EPR insulated) should utilise anti-track heat shrink when installed in conditions of high humidity, chemical and dust contamination to provide improved reliability and stable electrical performance.

Energisation is immediate after installation of the terminations – the adhesive lined heat shrink tubings achieve a water-resistant seal and insulating protection to prevent contamination by water, moisture, dust or dirt. The cable terminations demonstrate proven anti-tracking, erosion and UV resistant insulation of cables terminated in either indoor or outdoor applications and accommodate either crimp cable lugs or shearbolt type.

Cable termination kits using heat shrink technology are suitable for indoor and outdoor terminating of low voltage unscreened power cables with XLPE or EPR insulation.

  • Cable Termination Type – Heat Shrink
  • Termination Location – Indoor/Outdoor
  • Voltage – 0.6/1kV
  • Cable Insulation Type – XLPE/SWA/PVC
  • Number of Cores – 2, 3 or 4
  • Conductors – 4sqmm, 6sqmm, 10sqmm, 16sqmm, 25sqmm, 35sqmm, 50sqmm, 70sqmm, 95sqmm, 120sqmm, 150sqmm, 185sqmm, 240sqmm, 300sqmm, 400sqmm

Thorne & Derrick are stockists and suppliers of Heat Shrink Terminations & Joints for all cable voltages including LV, MV and HV.

Using Heat Shrink – Some Technique Tips

When jointers are using heat shrink technology to terminate cables some general installation advice can be provided to limit future operation and maintenance requirements. Generally, a propane gas torch with a soft flame should be applied – avoid pencil like blue flames caused by unregulated heat supply which inflict localised scorching or burning damage to the heat shrink materials. The heating flame should be kept in motion and to ensure even surface heat is applied to the heat shrink – this will result in consistent and smooth profile shrinkage of the cable termination without “wrinkling” or “blistering”. Keep the flame moving gently backwards and forwards along the length of the tube avoiding overheating or holding the heat gun in a static location – the completed heat shrink termination should be free from grooves, ridges or signs of even minor burn damage.

Installing cable terminations is skill sensitive and should only be carried out by trained personnel.

If the use of naked flames and “hot-woking” is not allowed at the workplace due to the presence of flammable gases in potentially explosive atmospheres a cold shrink range of cable terminations are available – cold applied terminations are specified usually for the connecting cables located in hazardous areas according to the ATEX Directive.

Heat Shrink Terminations LV 2/3/4 Core XLPE/SWA/PVC Cables

Heat Shrink Terminations LV 2/3/4 Core XLPE/SWA/PVC Cables

Selecting Heat Shrink Cable Terminations

The following table enables the selection of terminations to suit multi-core power cables with 2, 3 or 4 core conductors – cable terminations are available for cables with polymeric (XLPE or EPR) and paper insulation (PILC).

2 Core Cable Termination Type
SPS Part Number Cable Range
SPS 4-35-2X 4-35sqmm
SPS 35-150-2X 35-150sqmm
SPS 150-400-2X 150-400sqmm
3 Core Cable Termination Type
SPS 10-35-3X 10-35sqmm
SPS 50-95-3X 50-95sqmm
SPS 120-185-3X 120-185sqmm
SPS 185-300-3X 185-300sqmm
4 Core Cable Termination Type
SPS 10-35-4X 10-35sqmm
SPS 50-95-4X 50-95sqmm
SPS 120-185-4X 120-185sqmm
SPS 185-300-4X 185-300sqmm

Note: Standard heat shrink tail length if core tubes are required is 600mm. Cable terminations for single core cables will be lug seal only. Please specify if alternative heat shrink termination tail length is required.

Earthing Accessories

If earthing of the cable wire armours is required, suffix E1=Indoor EO=Outdoor Example: If a 4 core 185sqmm XLPE/SWA/PVC cable termination with indoor earthing is required the part number would be: SPS 185-300-4XE1.

Heat Shrink Cable Terminations

For 11kV/33kV applications please see MV HV Cable Terminations & Cable Joints