HV Cable Terminations – 11kV 3 Core Indoor 3M Cold Shrink

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HV Cable Terminations - 11kV 3 Core Indoor 3M Cold Shrink

HV Cable Terminations – 11kV 3 Core Indoor 3M Cold Shrink

Cold Shrink Three Core Indoor Cable Terminations

3M 92-EP Terminations for 6.6/11(12) kV Cables

Thorne & Derrick are Specialist Distributors for the 3M Electrical range of Cold Shrink terminations for connection of medium/high voltage cables to 11kV substation electrical equipment including switchgear, transformers, air insulated cable box and junction/terminal boxes.

3M Cold Shrink Terminations to suit 11kV 3 core MV-HV cables with polymeric insulation (XLPE EPR) for indoor locations.

  • Versatile Design – Prefabricated one-piece cold shrink termination body allows installation on a wide range of cable sizes and types at -20ºC to +50ºC
  • No heat or flame required during installation. Safe for hazardous areas (ATEX Directive Zone 1 & Zone 2)
  • Solderless earth connection using 3M Constant Force springs
  • No special jointing tools or heat-shrink gas torches needed during installation

The following table outlines the main features and specification advantages of the QTII Standard v QTIII Premium Cold Shrink range of 3M cable terminations – should you require any further information about terminations for medium/high voltage power cables up to 33kV please contact us.

3M Cold Shrink

Cold Shrink Terminations


QTIII Technical Specification

6.6/11 (12) kV Cable Termination

3M QTIII 11kV 3 core indoor terminations are specified for up to 12kV voltages and 3 core polymeric power cable systems with copper tape screen, armour and/or lead sheath according to HD 620 (IEC 60502).

Kits include a 3M QTIII silicone cable termination body with integrated stress control device and silicone elastomeric insulation and built in moisture sealing mastic layer.

Additionally, all armour continuity components where applicable are included where applicable.

3M QTIII 11kV 3 core indoor terminations are quick, easy and safe to install and do not require special tools – by pulling and unwinding the plastic support core in a counter clockwise direction the 3M termination body can be installed.

3M 11kV cable terminations are easily identifiable and are marked with the supplier name, cable cross section ranges, voltage class and cable type. These cold shrink terminations have a shelf life of up to 3 years from the manufacturing date when stored between -40ºC and +50ºC.

Each 3M Cold Shrink cable termination is suitable for a range of conductor cross-sectional areas depending on the cable maximum voltage – 3M 92-EP terminations are suitable for 11kV cables and power systems.

3M 11kV Cable Termination Part Number 11kV Cable Type Application Range Guide (sqmm)
Diameter Over Primary Insulation (mm) Maximum Lug Diameter Accepted (mm)
3M 92-EP626-3 Copper Tape Screen / Armour and/or Lead Sheath 50-95sqmm 16.3-27.4mm 30mm
3M 92-EP636-1 Copper Tape Screen / Armour and/or Lead Sheath 150-185sqmm 20.5-38.9mm 39mm
3M 92-EP646-1 Copper Tape Screen / Armour and/or Lead Sheath 240-300sqmm 26.7-45.7mm 45mm
3M 92-EP656-1 Copper Tape Screen / Armour and/or Lead Sheath 400sqmm 26.7-45.7mm 45mm

3M Cold Shrink QTII v QTIII Terminations

3M QTII Cold Shrink terminations are Standard type part-integrated with additional installation steps required compared to the 3M QTIII fully-integrated Premium termination system – watch the following installation video produced by 3M to understand the procedures for using QTIII terminations for MV HV cables including 11kV.

3M’s QTIII range (Quick Term III) of cold shrink terminations are fully integrated to reduce installation steps and room for MV-HV cable jointer error and are an alternative to heat shrink terminations.

The 3M QTIII termination comes with an integrated stress control tube, moisture blocking mastic, stress control mastic and an outer insulator with very good track resistance. Additionally the 3M QTIII termination does not require separately applied silicone grease-stress relief as the integrated mastic is sufficient.

3M Cold Shrink Cable TerminationS 11kV

11kV Cable Terminations - Single Core Indoor 11kV Cable Terminations - Single Core Indoor 11kV Cable Terminations - Single Core Indoor 11kV Cable Terminations - Single Core Indoor
1.Prepare the MV-HV cable as normal using cable cleaning wipes 2. Place the 3M Cold Shrink termination body over the 11kV cable end and position at the correct point on the MV-HV cable 3. Begin to remove the inner core, allowing the termination to cold shrink down onto the 11kV cable 4. Once the inner core has been fully removed, the 11kV cable termination installation is complete.

3M cold shrink technology ensures quick, easy and safe installation of the QTIII Termination Body by pulling and unwinding the plastic support core in counter clockwise direction. Use of special tools is not necessary. Detailed instructions for installing the 3M QTIII Series Terminations are included in each kit.

3M Product Identification

3M QTIII Series Cold Shrink Termination kits are marked with supplier name, cable cross section ranges (sqmm), voltage class and cable type, storage conditions and 3M manufacturing codes for product traceability.

Termination Performance Tests

3M QTIII 92-EP Series Terminations meet and exceed the requirements of the European standard CENELEC HD 629.1 as well as IEC 60502-4.
See Independent Test Report No. I0419-0E.

Cold Shrink Storage

The shelf life of 3M 92-EP Cold Shrink terminations is specified as 3 years.
Temperature: – 40°C to +50°C.

3M Cold Shrink Cable Termination ACCESSORIES

Together with a wide range of cable terminations 3M can also offer a full range of fully tested termination accessories:

Barrier Boots Cable Glands Cable Lugs Shearbolt  Cable Lugs Crimp
Barrier Boots 3M Cable Gland Kits Pfisterer Sicon 332 604 010 Shearbolt Cable Lugs 10-95sqmm Cables 11kV-33kV Cembre Cable Lugs
3M Barrier Bushing Boots are suitable for both resin cast and porcelain bushings over a wide range of cable sizes 3M Cable Gland Kits use Cold Shrink as the sealing method for 11kV SWA cables – further reducing installation cost and H&S related administration Mechanical type shearbolt cable lugs for copper/aluminium conductor cables at 11kV – see Pfisterer Sicon range Crimp lugs manufactured by Cembre for 11kV/33kV


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MV HV Cable Termination Glands Cleats Connectors Tools

Cable Box Terminations & Connectors – Inner Cone & Outer Cone

Cold shrink is typically used for the dry termination of medium/high voltage 11kV-33kV cables into MV-HV air insulated cable boxes.

T&D also distribute MV-HV Connectors for terminating cable into metal-enclosed SF6 insulated medium voltage switchgears (GIS) and liquid immersed transformers.

MV HV Joints Terminations Connectors