Prysmian 370BA04 19-22mm Claw Single Cable Cleat

bicon 370BA04

Aluminium Cable Cleats – Claw Type

Prysmian 370BA04 19-22mm Claw Single Cable Cleat

Prysmian 370BA04 claw cleats manufactured from aluminium have a two piece single fixing bolt design allowing the cable cleats to be stacked maximum 3 at a time in industrial or outdoor areas – the LUL (London Underground) approved claw cleats are part of the Prysmian BICON range of single way cable cleats.

Prysmian 370BA04 cable cleats with single bolt fixing are suitable for LV, MV, HV cables up to 22mm outer cable sheath diameter.

Epoxy coated cable cleats are available for heavy industrial and hazardous area locations – order code Prysmian BICON 370BB04.

Prysmian 370BA04 cable cleat

Technical Specification

  • Manufacturer Prysmian
  • Cable Cleat Brand BICON
  • Aluminium Cable Cleat
  • Single Way Cable Cleat
  • Two Piece Single Fix Design
  • Cable Cleat Diameter Min 19mm
  • Cable Cleat Diameter Max 22mm

LUL Approved (London Underground) Cable Cleats Product ID 1969

Cable Cleat Test Standard : EN 50368:2003

Cable Cleats

Epoxy Coated Cleats

For harsh environment and hazardous area cable installations the LV-HV cable cleats manufactured from aluminium alloy should be specified with an epoxy coating for superior corrosion resistance in outdoor polluted atmospheres. See trefoil cable cleats for cable clamps and supports to suit single core power cables installed in trefoil formation – see stainless steel cable cleats for installation in both onshore and offshore locations where improved corrosion resistance is required.

Epoxy Coated Version : Prysmian 370BB04

370BB04 cable cleats manufactured by Prysmian from aluminium alloy can clamp cable diameters 19-22mm – weight per cleat is 70g

Cleat Test Standard EN 50368:2003
Type 6.1.1 Metallic
Impact Resistance 6.2.5 V Heavy
Lateral Load 3.7 -> 8.2kN
Axial Load 1.332 -> 5.885kN
Needle Flame >120 secs
Prysmian 370BA04 19-22mm Claw Single Cable Cleat

Prysmian BICON Claw Cleat 370BA04

prysmian 370BA04 Cleat Dimensions

  • B 27mm
  • C 44mm
  • D 46mm
  • E 19mm
  • Weight 70g


Specification details for Prysmian 370BA04 cable cleat for single cable applications:

Prysmian Claw Cable Cleat Selection Prysmian Claw Cleat Details
Prysmian BICON Order Code Standard Prysmian BICON Order Code Epoxy Coated Cable Diameter Dimensions (mm) Weight (g) Stud Size
A (mm) B C D E
Min Max Max
370BA04 370BB04 19 22 27 44 46 19 70 M10
Prysmian 370BA04 19-22mm Claw Single Cable Cleat

Prysmian 370BA04 19-22mm Claw Single Cable Cleat

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Heavy duty hook cleats are also available – call T&D for technical support and selecting cable cleats for LV-HV power cable support and clamping in single, bundled or trefoil formation.  View the complete range of Prysmian cleats.

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