Prysmian Claw Cleats (Aluminium Cable Clamps)

Prysmian Claw Cleats (Aluminium Cable Clamps)

Cable Cleats

Prysmian Claw Cleats (Aluminium Cable Clamps) are two piece, single fixing LUL approved cable cleats providing cable support and protection against all weather conditions in industrial or outdoor areas with operating temperatures -60°C to +105°C.

Prysmian claw cable cleats with single bolt fixing are suitable for supporting cables with 10mm to 51mm outer sheath diameter forming part of the Prysmian BICON range of single way cable cleats.

Epoxy coated claw cleats are available for heavy industrial and hazardous area locations where higher levels of corrosion protection is required.

Prysmian Claw Cleats Features & Benefits

  • Cable cleats suitable for cleating cables with diameters 10 to 51mm
  • Claw cleats are manufactured from aluminium alloy
  • Can be stacked to a maxmium of three on a single fixing
  • Can be used for all types of cable routes
  • Plain finish – for normal industrial areas or outdoor unpolluted areas
  • Epoxy coated versions available for harsher environments
  • Packing pieces to be used where required
  • LUL APR Product ID 1959

Claw Cleats

Prysmian Claw Cleats are two piece, single fixing cable cleats providing cable support and protection to cables against various environmental conditions.

➡ Prysmian also have a range of fire resistant claw cleats that are manufactured from cast iron ideal for fire performance cables and for all cable routes cable diameters between 10mm to 54mm.

Prysmian Claw cleats Performance Data

  • Type – 6.1.1 MetallicPrysmian Claw Cleats (Aluminium Cable Clamps)
  • Impact Resistance – 6.2.5 Very Heavy
  • Lateral Load – 3.7 -> 8.2 kN
  • Axial Load – 1.332 -> 5.855 N
  • Needle Flame – >120 Seconds

BS EN 50368:2003 Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations has been withdrawn and replaced by BS EN 61914:2009.

LUL Approved (London Underground) Cable Cleats Product ID 1959

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Prysmian Claw Cable Cleat Selection Prysmian Claw Cleat Details
Prysmian BICON Order Code Standard Prysmian BICON Order Code Epoxy Coated Cable Diameter Dimensions (mm) Weight (g) Stud Size
A (mm) B C D E
Min Max Max
370BA01 370BB01 10 13 21 38 46 16 60 M10
370BA02 370BB02 13 16 21 38 46 16 50 M10
370BA03 370BB03 16 19 24 41 46 18 60 M10
370BA04 370BB04 19 22 27 44 46 19 70 M10
370BA05 370BB05 22 25 30 48 46 21 80 M10
370BA06 370BB06 25 32 37 54 46 24 90 M10
370BA07 370BB07 32 38 43 60 46 27 110 M10
370BA08 370BB08 38 44 49 67 46 30 120 M10
370BA09 370BB09 44 51 56 73 46 34 150 M10

Installing Prysmian Claw cleats

In all applications the claw cleat should be mounted using suitable M10 fixings. When mounting directly claw cleats on channel, adaptor plate Prysmian 380AG02 should be used.

Please note: when stacking claw cleats you should use packing piece Prysmian 389AC03 between cleats.

➡ For further information, specification and selection details about Prysmian Claw Cleats refer to the product sections below – see Prysmian Cable Cleats to view cable support clamps for LV, MV & HV cables including short-circuit protection for 11kV and 33kV cables.

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