Prysmian Afumex Telcleats (LSOH LSF Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Cleats)

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Prysmian Afumex Telcleats (LSOH LSF Low Smoke Zero Halogen) are single piece LUL approved, single fixing cable cleats providing cable support and protection against all weather conditions with operating temperatures -40°C to +40°C.

Prysmian Afumex Telcleats are part of the Prysmian Bicon range of cable cleats for cleating and clamping cables with diameters between 10mm to 51mm with low short circuit fault requirements.

Prysmian Afumex Telcleats

Features & Benefits

  • Afumex Telcleats suitable for cleating LSF cables with outside diameters 10 to 51mm
  • Manufactured from LSOH polymer – low smoke zero halogen cable cleats
  • Telcleats designed for use with Afumex LSOH and Saffire OHLS cables
  • Sunlight (UV) and weather resistant
  • One piece, single fixing design
  • Can be double stacked on a single fixing
  • Tested in accordance with BS EN 50368
  • LUL APR Product ID 1259
  • See more information about BICON Cable Cleats

Afumex Telcleats

Telcleats are available as a single piece, single fixing design with a LUL approved LSOH LSF Afumex Telcleat range also available for rail cable clamps.

➡ Prysmian’s range of Telcleats are manufactured from low density polythene with one piece, single fixing cable cleats for 10-51mm cable diameters.


Performance Data

Prysmian Afumex Telcleats

  • Type – 6.1.2 Non-Metallic
  • Impact Resistance – 6.2.4 Heavy -> 6.2.5 Very Heavy
  • Lateral Load – 0.136 -> 0.781 kN
  • Axial Load – 0.119 -> 1.024 kN
  • Needle Flame – >120 Seconds

BS EN 50368:2003 Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations has been withdrawn and replaced by BS EN 61914:2009.

LUL Approved (London Underground) Cable Cleats Product ID 1259.

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Prysmian Afumex Telcleat Cable Cleat SelectionPrysmian Afumex Telcleat Cleat Details
Prysmian BICON Order CodeCable DiameterStandard PackDimensions (mm)Weight (g)Roundhead WoodscrewScrew Bolt
A (mm)Cleat QuantitiesBCDMasonry, Concrete or WoodFor Cable Tray
MinMaxMinMaxMaxins x Nomm
385LSF0110.514.5100151832123.31 1/4 x 8M4 x 30
385LSF0212.216.7100172236145.61 1/2 x 8M4 x 35
385LSF0314.619.8100212643169.51 3/4 x 8M4 x 40
385LSF0417.724.0502531511814.72 x 8M4 x 45
385LSF0521.728.5253037572020.42 1/4 x 12M6 x 50
385LSF0626.234.2253543652229.22 1/2 x 12M6 x 60
385LSF0731.941.6104252782536.72 3/4 x 12M6 x 70
385LSF0839.351.1105062912658.13 1/4 x 12M6 x 80

Installing Prysmian AFUMEX Telcleats

Open the Prysmian Afumex cable cleat and clamp around the cables so the end part of the cleat containing the slot will be in direct contact with the mounting surface – note all Prysmian Afumex Telcleats, except for BICON 385LSF01, should be reversed to put the slot uppermost.

In this case an M5 washer should be used to prevent the nut entering the slot of the cleat.

➡ For further information, specification and selection details about Prysmian Afumex Telcleats refer to the product sections below – see Prysmian Cable Cleats to view cable support clamps for LV, MV & HV cables including short-circuit protection for 11kV and 33kV cables.

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