Prysmian 385LSF07 31.9-41.6mm Afumex Telcleat LSF Cable Cleat

bicon 385LSF07

Prysmian 385LSF07 31.9-41.6mm Afumex Telcleat LSF Cable Cleat

Prysmian 385LSF07 plastic Afumex Telcleats are LUL (London Underground) approved Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSF) cable cleats providing short circuit protection in all weather conditions – Afumex Telcleats are part of the Prysmian BICON range of single way cable cleats.

Prysmian 385LSF07 cable cleats with single bolt fixing are suitable for Afumex LSOH and Saffire OHLS cables up to 41.6mm outer sheath diameter depending on short circuit protection levels.

Prysmian 385LSF07 cable cleat

Technical Specification

  • Manufacturer Prysmian
  • Cable Cleat Brand BICON
  • Cable Cleat Diameter Min 31.9mm
  • Cable Cleat Diameter Max 41.6mm
  • Standard Pack Order Quantity – 10 x 385LSF07 Cleats
  • Install Using Roundhead Woodscrew 2 3/4″ x 12
  • Install Using Screw Bolt For Cable Tray M6 x 70mm
  • See complete range of Prysmian Cable Cleats

LUL Approved (London Underground) Cable Cleats Product ID 1259

Cable Cleat Test Standard : EN 50368:2003

Cleat Test Standard EN 50368:2003
Type 6.1.2 Non-Metallic
Impact Resistance 6.2.4 Heavy -> 6.2.5 V.Heavy
Lateral Load 0.136 -> 0.781 kN
Axial Load 0.119 -> 1,024 kN
Needle Flame >120 secs
Prysmian 385LSF07 31.9-41.6mm Afumex Telcleat LSF Cable Cleat

Prysmian BICON Telcleat 385LSF07

prysmian 385LSF07 Cleat Dimensions

  • B Min 42mm Max 52mm
  • C Max 78mm
  • D 25mm
  • Weight 36.7g


Specification details for Prysmian 385LSF07 cable cleat for single cable applications:

Prysmian Afumex Telcleat Cable Cleat Selection Prysmian Afumex Telcleat Cleat Details
Prysmian BICON Order Code Cable Diameter Standard Pack Dimensions (mm) Weight (g) Roundhead Woodscrew Screw Bolt
A (mm) Cleat Quantities B C D Masonry, Concrete or Wood For Cable Tray
Min Max Min Max Max ins x No mm
385LSF07 31.9 41.6 10 42 52 78 25 36.7 2 3/4 x 12 M6 x 70

Prysmian 385LSF07 31.9-41.6mm Afumex Telcleat LSF Cable Cleat

LSF Low Smoke & Fume Zero Halogen Cable Cleats

Prysmian Afumex

LSF Afumex Cable Cleats

LSF Afumex Cables – BS6491 BS6242 BS6724 LSX

Cable Cleats LSF


Low smoke cables feature a LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) outer sheath which, in the event of a fire, will emit very low levels of smoke and non-toxic levels of poisonous halogen gases.

The majority of fatalities and incidents in confined areas occur through gas and smoke inhalation rather than directly from fire. Consequently, low smoke zero halogen cables are specified for highly populated enclosed public areas including underground train stations, airports, theatres, cinemas, hospitals, shopping and retail.

  • 6491B LSF Low Smoke & Fume Cable – single core, low smoke zero halogen cable
  • 6242B LSF Low Smoke & Fume Cable – flat twin core, low smoke zero halogen, flame retardant cable
  • BS6724 LSF Low Smoke & Fume Cable – low smoke, armoured, zero halogen cable
  • Prysmian Afumex LSX Earthshield – a low smoke flame retardant cable typically used for small power and lighting circuits

Prysmian Afumex cables are not fire resistant – in the event of fire the cables can burn and fail but they do not emit smoke or acid gas and do not propagate flame. Call T&D for technical advice about selecting cable cleats for LV-HV power cable support and clamping in single, bundled or trefoil formation.

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Low Smoke Zero Halogen Flame Retardant Cable Cleats in plastic, stainless steel and aluminium.

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