RS1 Stud To Steel Surface



  • Product Category: Exothermic Welding
  • Order Code: RS1
  • Application: Stud to Steel Surface Exothermic Welding Connector

Used to weld studs according to the sizes in the selection table below.

➡ Complete range of Earthing & Lightning Protection products manufactured from copper including earth rods, bars, tapes, clamps and ancillary items.

A Stud Size Weld Powder Exothermic Welding Mould Handle Clamp
M6 WEP 025 RS1-C-M6 HCC 001
M8 WEP 032 RS1-C-M8
M10 WEP 045 RS1-C-M10
M12 WEP 065 RS1-C-M12
M16 WEP 115 RS1-C-M16