22kV 24kV Cable Termination Kits Single Core 120-185sqmm SPS 1TES-24X-C

Cable Termination Cable Joints - Heat Shrink MV HV

22kV cable termination kits using heat shrink technology are suitable for terminating medium/high voltage (MV-HV) single core polymeric cables (XLPE EPR)  – this includes cables with copper wire/tape screen and armoured (wire armoured/braided) or unarmoured cable for outdoor termination of 22kV/24kV cables, indoor version also available.

SPS 1TES-24X-C cable termination kit suits 22kV 24kV cables with 120sqmm, 150sqmm, 185sqmm single core conductors.

22kV 24kV Cable Termination

HV High Voltage – Outdoor

  • Cable Termination Type – Heat Shrink
  • Termination Location – Outdoor (Pole Top, Overhead Line)
  • Number of Cores – Single Core
  • Conductors – 120sqmm, 150sqmm, 185sqmm
  • Cable Type – XLPE EPR (Polymeric)
  • Heat Shrink Standard Tail Length – 650mm
  • Termination Kit Order Code – SPS 1TES-24X-C
  • Suit MV HV Power Cables – BS6622, BS7835, BS7870, BS6883, BS7917 & IEC60502-2

Overhead Lines

T&D accessories for medium/high voltage overhead line installations and maintenance include insulators, tension and suspension clamps, arc flash protection, current limiting devices, connectors, insulating gloves, conductor cutting and crimping tools.

22kV 24kV Cable Termination Kits

T&D Overhead Line Equipment | Cutting Tools | Crimping Tools | Insulators | Electrical Safety | Conductors

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Single Core XLPE 24kV OUTDOOR Terminations

22kV 24kV Cable Termination Kits

The following enables the heat shrink termination kit selection for single core outdoor cables up to 24kV:

 22kV/24kV Cable Termination Indoor  Outdoor Cable Termination Kit Range 22kV/24kV Cable Termination Outdoor 
1TIS-24X-A 25-35sqmm 1TES-24X-A
1TIS-24X-B 35-95sqmm 1TES-24X-B
1TIS-24X-C 120-185sqmm 1TES-24X-C
1TIS-24X-D 240-300sqmm 1TES-24X-D
1TIS-24X-E 400-630sqmm 1TES-24X-E

Medium /High Voltage 12/20 (24)kV Cable Terminations

Heat shrink cable terminations suitable for use with European standard MV HV cables with XLPE insulation, 3 core or single core stranded copper or aluminium conductors. 6/10 (12)kV and 18/30 (36)kV voltage class terminations also available in cold shrink or heat shrink.

Heat Shrink Cable Terminations 6.6kV 11kV 33kV

Cable terminations using heat shrink technology for MV-HV (6.6kV 11kV 33kV) cable connection to switchgear, transformers, overhead line and pole-mounted – see also Heat Shrink HV Cable Joints

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