Heat Shrink Cable Repair Sleeve Kit SWRS 43/10

Cable Repair Sleeves - Heat Shrink Wraparound Cable Jacket Repairs

Heat Shrink Cable Repair Sleeve Kit SWRS 43/10

SPS SWRS 43/10 is a cable repair sleeve suitable for repairing damaged cable sheaths for use with LV MV HV power, control and instrumentation cables.

  • Expanded Diameter (Before Heat Shrink) – 42mm
  • Recovered Diameter (After Heat Shrink) – 10mm
  • Cable Repair Sleeve Length – 1 metre
  • Order Code – SPS SWRS 43/10

Wraparound cable repair sleeves manufactured in heat shrink technology offer an easy to apply and effective solution for the repair of damage to outer sheaths for all cable types – cable damage is typically caused by steel wire armour/braided cable corrosion due to high humidity or moisture penetration into cable armours where cable sheath damage has provided a point of entry for ingress of moisture.

Where the cable damage has penetrated through the cable sheath and into the cable armour an LV cable joint should be installed to ensure reliability of power distribution for electrical networks at 600/1000V.

Blog: ➡ Read about several methods including use of Cold Shrink to repair cable damage.

Heat Shrink Wraparound Cable Jacket Repairs

SPS Part Number Exp Dia (mm) Rec Dia (mm) Length (mtr)
SWRS 43/10 42 10 1000mm
SWRS 50/15 50 15 1000mm
SWRS 75/22 75 22 1000mm
SWRS 105/30 105 30 1000mm
SWRS 146/38 146 38 1000mm
SWRS 198/55 188 55 1000mm
SWRS 210/60 210 60 1000mm
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