Silver Fox Labacus Innovator Software Update

Published 20 Feb 2020

Silver Fox Labacus Innovator Software

Silver Fox Labacus Innovator Software Update

Silver Fox Labacus Innovator

Software Update

Since 1997 Silver Fox has been implementing a continuous schedule of software development. Additionally, they often receive feedback from engineering customer across the globe and wherever possible they will integrate these ideas into future releases.

The unique common platform makes your work so easy!

It saves you time and wasted cable labels.

Why be obliged to buy different printers and perhaps even software packages.

One kit, the Fox-in-a-Box does it all, and even uses the same ribbon for everything too.

Fox-in-a-Box Thermal Printer Kit

Fox-in-a-Box Thermal Printer Kit

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Whether you are on the Basic or Advanced level, because of the unique system you can always upgrade seamlessly to a higher level, without wasting your initial investment on the software or printer. You will just pay the current incremental cost plus a small admin fee.

January marked the release of the new and very much improved Silver Fox Labacus® Innovator software version

Silver Fox Labacus Innovator Software Holder

Silver Fox Labacus Innovator Software

So, what’s in it for you?

Print fine-tune

  • Graphical fine-tune – drag and drop image to where it appears on your test print and your software will automatically adjust the print to the correct position
  • Automatic prompting to print a test page (can also be switched on/off by the user)


  • Complete range of official Belden LabelFlex® templates included on all levels
  • Updated official CommScope® templates included on all levels
  • Typing Label header – improved cable label options


  • Improved functionality in the label workshop making it more intuitive


  • Drag and Drop graphics – Into the label workshop meaning that you can place graphics onto a particular line on the label as required. (Professional)
  • Rotate graphics on the label (Professional)
  • Graphics images embedded into job enabling these images to be sent (e-mailed) with job

Thermal Cable Label Printing

  • Rollback function between print runs  – Reduces label waste
  • Enhanced printer control for faster smoother automatic USB port identification
  • Full range of our new Ladder Heatshrink templates
  • Full range of our new High-Performance Tape templates
  • 100 x 100 Asset Label template
  • Option offering wide central strip on a number of tie-on cable labels (Professional)

Silver Fox Labacus Innovator Software Update

And this is on top of all the existing features. You can compare the software here Silver Fox Labacus Innovator Comparison Chart.

The same Labacus® Innovator software that drives the Fox-in-a-Box® also includes all the Silver Fox laser templates as well as Farnell, CommScope and Belden templates.

The Silver Fox solutions are designed to save you time and money. Even so, sometimes, your resources may be particularly limited and critical. In these instances, they can help you as well. Silver Fox offers a Pre-Print service, helping release valuable resources for your project.

Silver Fox can pre-print your labels then deliver to UK (or international) sites, making a very real contribution by helping you meet your tight project deadlines.

Tammy Page, Marketing Manger said “Silver Fox is uncomplicated labelling solutions because of 40 years of simplifying the complex.”

Silver Fox Cable Labels

Silver Fox Cable Labels

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Silver Fox

Thanks to Chris Canavan at Silver Fox for providing some product training for AJ & Charlie at our Bristol office.

T&D are proud to support UK manufacturing and develop new business opportunities in the power, rail, renewable, oil and gas and industrial market sectors.

“Everybody at Silver Fox are looking forward to working even closer with the Sales Team at Thorne and Derrick to build further on our already successful working partnership.”

“Since 1985 Thorne and Derrick have been a proactive, hard-working and well-respected distributor of LV MV HV Cable Installation, Jointing, Substation & Electrical Eqpt, who are committed to professional customer support. We are proud to include them as part of our distribution network,” comments Tammy Page, Marketing Manager (Silver Fox).

Silver Fox are leaders in UK manufacturing of cable labelling solutions, delivering innovative, durable and efficient systems for Data & Telecoms, Electrical, Transportation and Energy industries worldwide.



Thorne & Derrick International are specialist distributors of LV, MV & HV Cable Installation, Jointing, Duct Sealing, Substation & Electrical Equipment – servicing UK and global businesses involved in cable installations, cable jointing, substation, overhead line and electrical construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV and EHV.

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