Cable Abandonment For MV HV Cables Including 11kV 33kV High Voltages

Published 02 May 2018

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Cable Abandonment For HV Cables Including 11kV 33kV High Voltages

11kV 33kV | Medium & High Voltage Cables

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Cable abandonment kits can be supplied for medium/high voltage cables if the cables are left in the ground but aren’t energised. From the outside, they look similar to live pot end kits, but internally, the phase or phases are connected to earth so that if a voltage is applied to the cables by mistake, an immediate earth fault occurs which trips the circuit breaker.

Please Note: The following Jointing Instructions should be used by a trained competent cable jointer only – contact us to discuss the availability of Cable Jointer Training Courses.

A Jointers gas torch is preferred method for heat shrinking these materials making sure all tubes and materials are kept clean, dry and are free from dust, sand or grease.

In the following post we reproduce the Cable Abandonment Kit installation instruction – should you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

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MV HV Cable Abandonment

XLPE EPR Insulated Power Cables 11kV 33kV

Abandonment kits can be kitted from stock using heat shrink tubes to suit 11kV/33kV medium and high voltage cables with polyermic (XLPE EPR) or paper insulation (PILC) – single or 3 core cables accommodated with wire armour (SWA AWA), wire braid (PBSB GSWB) and lead cover sheaths.

Cable Abandonment

1. Remove the outer cable jacket using appropriate sheath stripping tools and expose approximately 100mm of the inner cable bedding with the cable cores beneath.

Cable Abandonment

2. If cable is armoured (SWA) or has a braid screen, expose the cable armour wires or screen to the length of the armour support ring. Fit the support ring as shown in Fig 2.

3. As shown in Fig 2, position the copper earth braid upon each conductor and hammer a nail through the braid so that it is held securely in place. Do this on each core with the same copper earth braid.

Note: if solid aluminium conductor, remove some insulation on each core and use the copper mesh supplied to wrap around the MV HV cable conductors before taking this back to the armour wires.

Cable Abandonment

4. Wrap copper mesh all around the cable and secure along with the earth braid to the armour wires/braid screen with the worm drive clamp or constant force roll spring supplied as shown above in Fig 3. Apply black mastic tape over any sharp points.

Note: if non armoured cable and if specified, the cable abandonment kit can be supplied with a copper strap to bond to earth externally. Position the solder block on a turn of mastic tape and apply a further turn of tape as shown above in Fig 3.

Fig 4

5.Position the heatshrink end cap over the cable and using a suitable heat source, heat shrink the cap into position.

If the cap does not cover the exposed earthing, position the additional heat shrink tube and shrink so that it overlaps onto the outer cable sheath and onto the cable end cap.

Note: clean and abrade the outer cable jacket before fitting.

Cable Abandonment

6. Additional green heatshrink sleeve can be supplied to fit onto the outside of the cable abandonment kit to comply with DNO specifications. Trim before fitting if necessary.

Low Voltage Cable Abandonment Using 3M Cold Shrink

For the abandonment of LV power and instrumentation cables located both onshore and offshore we can recommend 3M Cold Shrink cable abandonment kits.

3M Part Number Power Cables 600/1000V 3.3kV Instrumentation Cables
Overall Cable Diameter Number of Pairs
3M CSCAK/1 12 – 18mm Up to 5
3M CSCAK/2 18 – 25mm Up to 10
3M CSCAK/3 25 – 42mm Up to 20
3M CSCAK/4 42 – 55mm n/a
3M CSCAK/5 56 – 81mm n/a
Cable Abandonment

Cable Abandonment Using Cold Shrink


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