Pfisterer Connex Cable Plugs – Cable Terminations For MV-HV 33kV Cables

Published 02 Jan 2019

Pfisterer CONNEX Terminations Plugs Cables Inner Cone 11kV-36kV

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Cable Fittings For Medium Voltage Networks

The range of Pfisterer cable plugs, joints, terminations fittings and accessories offers solutions for virtually all MV & HV Cable Connection applications – Pfisterer accessories use silicone as an insulating medium due to the excellent properties that it possesses.

Pfisterer MV Cable Accessories

Pfisterer MV Cable Accessories

Pfisterer MV Connex

Dry, Separable Connector System

The MV-Connex cable termination system has a fully insulated metal housing with touch proof properties, maintenance free and suitable for use outdoors, offshore and is waterproof for use on medium/high voltage cable systems.

MV-CONNEX products for medium voltage systems are supplied in a wide range of variations – this includes traditional plug and socket combinations, multiple sockets, bus-bar connectors, surge arresters and voltage detecting systems.

The MV Connex range manufactured by Pfisterer is ideal for use in ring main units, high-voltage motors, circuit-breaker switchgear, transformers, capacitors, transducers and sealing boxes. The inner cone plugs are suitable for use on all types of insulated plastic cables including XLPE and EPR and as well as the standard range of plugs, there is also customer specific versions for most medium/high voltage cable types.

Pfisterer MV Connex Plug

Pfisterer MV Connex Plug

There are many advantages of using the Pfisterer MV-Connex cable termination system.

These include:

  • A touch proof, fully insulated enclosure
  • No liquid insulating medium
  • Soil proof and maintenance free cable termination
  • Protection class IP68 and up to 11kV (E Exe Hazardous Areas)
  • Thorough transformer and GIS (Gas Insulated Switchgear) testing by manufacturer
  • Metal enclosed and no need to open the cable termination at the installation site


The Key Material In MV Electrical Engineering

Silicone rubber is the perfect material for MV cable terminations. This is down to the resistance to water, grease, oil and dirt as well as the shock resistance that silicone provides.

When used as a stress relief device in sealed applications, silicone evens out temperature variations and unevenness in the cable surface.

Silicone also avoids potentially dangerous partial discharges caused by air gaps.

Pfisterer MV-Connex Cable Termination System Cross Section

Pfisterer MV-Connex Cable Termination System Cross Section

The MV-Connex cable termination system is constructed of four areas: Contact system, Insulating and Field-control, Housing and Bushing. The contact system comprises of a contact ring, tension cone and thrust piece.

The Housing consists of a bell flange, pressure sleeve and spring, heat shrink, test lead and a cable screen. The bushing section of the connector consists of a female contact part, insulating bushing and housing.

Continuous Voltage Indicator for Enclosed Equipment

Voltage detection systems that detect indicate the presence of voltage without directly contacting live parts are becoming ever more important due to increasing use of enclosed switchgear. The principle of the DSA continuous voltage indicator that was developed by Pfisterer has become a standard.

In line with the trend towards integrated systems Pfisterer have incorporated these plug-in display devices in the compact DSA-i3 system.

Pfisterer Connex Plugs (33kV Separable Connectors Size 3)

Complete range of Pfisterer tools are available for use by Jointers to enable the installation of MV-Connex inner cone plug cable terminations:

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