3M 96-EP723-2 Cable Termination Cold Shrink 66kV High Voltage

66kV Cable Terminations 3M QTEN Cold Shrink High Voltage Cable Terminations HV

3M 96-EP723-2 Cable Termination Cold Shrink 66kV High Voltage

3M 96-EP723-2

66kV Cable Terminations

Suit Cable Type: 66kV Polymeric Insulation Single Core with CWS Copper Wire Screen, CTS Copper Tape Screen Cables or AWA Aluminium Wired Armoured Cables

3M 96-EP723-2 cold shrink high voltage cable terminations are part of the 3M QTEN range of 66kV Cable Terminations – these termination kits have a voltage class of 72.5kV meeting and exceeding the requirements of the CENELEC HD 629.1 European standard as well as IEC 60840.

  • 3M 96-EP Kit Reference – 96EP723-2
  • Diameter over Cable Jacket (mm) – 90mm
  • Diameter over Primary Insulation (mm) – 33.0-60.0mm
  • Cross Section Guide (sqmm) 66/69 (72.5)kV – 120 – 1000sqmm
  • Cable Lug Dimensions max (mm) – 90mm
  • Cold Shrink Technology

Conductors can be terminated using Pfisterer Sicon type mechanical shearbolt cable lugs which are approved and compatible with 3M Cold Shrink Terminations.

Performance Tests

The 3M 96EP723-2 single core termination meets and exceeds the requirements of IEC standard 60840 04/2004. Refer to Test Reports 003257 & 2009-124.

3M 96EP723-2 Physical and Electrical Properties

3M QTEN Cold Shrink Termination kit can be used on cables with a rated operating temperature up to 105˚C, and an emergency overload rating of 140˚C. A termination constructed from this kit is rated for 72.5kV Umax and meets or exceeds the requirements of IEC 60840. The current rating of the cable termination meets or exceeds the current rating for the cables on which it is installed. BIL rating is 350 kV.

Typical Dimensions (Installed Termination)

Installed Termination of 3M 96EP723-2 is 850 to 900mm in length. (Dependant on Cable Cross Section).

Creepage Distance

The designed specific creepage distance of the Cold Shrink termination is 1750mm.


The shelf life of 3M 96EP723-2 termination is specified as 3 years.
Temperature: – 40°C to +50°C (short term peaks at 60°C max.)

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