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3M LVBD-1/6

Resin Cable Joint

3M 91-AB 11x Scotchcast Inline & Branch Cable Joints (470W Resin) - Unarmoured Cables

3M LVBD-1/6 Scotchcast resin cable joint kits are designed to be used for multi core armoured polymeric low voltage energy cables for inline, straight and branch cable joint applications up to 600/1000V 3.3kV – complete range of cable joints are available in both Cold Shrink and heat shrink technology for LV (Low), MV (Medium) and HV (High) Voltage power cables.

Scotchcast Resin LVBD-1/6 cable joint kits manufactured by 3M Electrical are tested according EN50393.

Branch Joints

3M Electrical range of Low Voltage (LV) branch joint kits are suitable for both cut and uncut mains cables, 600V/1000V up to 3.3kV. The branch joints feature a two-part polyurethane enclosed Scotchcast resin mixing system to minimise resin wastage and harmful skin contact to the LV Jointer – these resin joints are designed to accommodate core-crossing in confined cable trenches and are suitable for use with mechanical branch connectors; available as separate items see Pfisterer Sicon products.

3M Scotchcast branch joints are suitable for all EPR, PE or XLPE insulated type cables with PVC or LSF outer sheath and SWA (steel wire armour) as well as Lead (Pb) sheathed and PILC cables (additional earthing and armour continuity required). Variant cable joints also available for CNE, waveform or braided armoured cables.

3M LVBD-1/6 joint kit sELECTION
  • Manufacturer – 3M Electrical
  • Stock Order Code – LVBD-1/6
  • Cable Type – Armoured
  • Main Cable sqmm – 95-120
  • Service Branch Cable Two, Three, Four Core sqmm – 25-50
  • Max Cable Ø Main mm – 58
  • Max Cable Ø Branch mm – 35
  • 3M LVBD-1/6 utilises 3M Scotchcast 470 resin
  • Hazardous Area Cable Joints also available


3M Electrical Part Number Cross Sectional Area (sqmm) Max
OD (mm)
OD (mm)
Service Branch
Two Core Three
Four Core Five
LVBD-1/6 95 – 120sqmm 25 – 50sqmm 25 – 50sqmm 25 – 50sqmm N/A 58 35

3M Scotchcast hazardous area cable joints are also available for jointing power, pilot and instrumentation cables in Zone 1 and Zone 2 potentially explosive atmospheres.

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This video by 3M Electrical shows the benefits of using 3M Cold Shrink compared to heat shrink cable accessories to insulate, joint, repair and terminate cables.

Cold Shrink

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Cable Joints 3M - 3M LVI-1/x

T&D Stock & Distribute the complete range of 3M Cable Joints & Cable Terminations using resin and cold shrink for LV, MV & HV cables.