Resin Cable Joints – Filoform Branch Cable Joints

Resin Cable Joints - Filoform

Resin Cable Joints – Filoform

Cable joints used for the connection, repair and jointing of power cables in branch configuration. Resin cast branch cable joints can be used to joint polymeric (XLPE EPR), plastic and paper insulated (PILC) low voltage cables – cable joints can be uprated to suit 3.3kV cables.

Filoform cable joints are approved in accordance with the standard DIN EN 50393 (VDE 0278-393):2006-11.

Branch Cable Joint features

  • Branch joints are type tested according to: EN 50393:2006-11
  • The cast resin cable joints correspond to DIN VDE 0278 and can be used on all polymeric and paper-insulated cables
  • With hydrolysis-resistant PUR-cast resin
  • Longitudinal and cross-waterproof – waterproof for direct burial and outdoor exposed cables
  • High quality polycarbonate moulds
  • Transparent 2-piece, cylindrical shells with pre-installed sealing strips
  • Cable jointers installation instructions with clear drawings to follow
  • Simple and fast fitting
  • Saves time and costs
  •  ➡ Also Low Smoke Zero Halogen Cable Joints, Hazardous Area Cable Joints and complete range of Resin Cable Joints

Straight cable joints are also available.

Cable Joints

Cable Joints – prior to resin pour with steel wire armour continuity across the cable by flexible copper earth braid, conductors jointed with mechanical range-take connectors

Branch Joints – Selection Table

Cable Joint Order Code Cable Diameter (mm) Cable Joint Shell Dimensions (mm) Order Unit
MB6 ∅ 10 – 22 L200 x ∅76 Per Piece
MB16 ∅ 10 – 22 L335 x ∅110 Per Piece
MB35 ∅ 10 – 30 L420 x ∅120 Per Piece
MB70 ∅ 15 – 40 L390 x ∅120 Per Piece
MB120 ∅ 15 – 50 L390 x ∅120 Per Piece
MB300 ∅ 45 – 75 L740 x ∅250 Per Piece

Branch Joints For SWA Armoured Multicore Cables

2, 3, 4 & 5 Core Cables

Size of Conductor 1 Core Armoured Cable  2 Core Armoured Cable 3 Core Armoured Cable 4 Core Armoured Cable 5 Core Armoured Cable
1.5mm² N/A MB 6 MB 6 MB 6 MB 6*
2.5mm² N/A MB 6 MB 6 MB 6 MB 6*
4mm² N/A MB 6 MB 6 MB 6 MB 6*
6mm² N/A MB 6 MB 6 MB 6 MB 16*
10mm² N/A MB 6 MB 16 MB 16 MB 16*
16mm² N/A MB 16 MB 16 MB 16 MB 35*
25mm² N/A MB 35 MB 35 MB 35 MB 35*
35mm² N/A MB 35 MB 35 MB 35 MB 70*
50mm² MB 35* MB 35* MB 70* MB 70* MB 70*
70mm² MB 35* MB 70 MB 70* MB 70* MB 120*
95mm² MB 70* MB 70* MB 120* MB 120* MB 120*
120mm² MB 70* MB 120* MB 120* MB 120* MB 300*
150mm² MB 70* MB 120* MB 300* MB 300* MB 300*
185mm² MB 70* MB 120* MB 300* MB 300* MB 300*
240mm² MB 120* MB 300* MB 300* MB 300* MB 300*
300mm² MB 120* MB 300* MB 300* MB 300* N/A

Injection Moulded Shells

Rigid and very strong cable jointing shells with snap-lock design forming an excellent seal and preventing resin leakage.

Mechanical Connectors

Filoform mechanical connectors are included in the cable joint kit machined from either solid brass (tunnel type) or aluminium (shear bolt) and are suitable for either copper or aluminum conductors – stranded, solid, sectoral or fine stranded copper/aluminium cables.

Earth Braid

Earth braid provides significant advantages over “single wire type” and jubilee clip (worm-drive) earth continuity systems which can fail if poorly positioned within wire armour cores that have “spread”. The flat, soft braid ensures excellent electrical contact and is insulated for extra protection.

Constant Force Springs

Cable joints are subject to cyclical movement and expansion due to earth shift and heat from electrical current. Constant force springs react to this movement and maintain a sound electrical connection between the steel wire armoring and the earth continuity braid.

Two-part resin

Filoform cable joint resin is suitable for LV-MV jointing of cables with excellent adhesion to PVC, XLPE, polythene, and paper cables. Resin is supplied in a 2-part easy mix packaging, ensuring both convenience and safety.

Customised LV Cable Joints

An electrical contractor contacted Thorne & Derrick International with a complex requirement to branch cable joint a 2 core 300sqmm cable onto 2 x single core 300sqmm cables. In summary, the cable joint had to accept 3 cables being cut but 4 cores in total with 2 connections inside the cable joint.

Utilising Filoform MB300 Resin Branch Cable Joint with Sicame connectors type MF1/3, T&D were able to complete the delivery of the 10 cable joints within 2-3 days.

Filoform Cable Joints - Connect Seal Protect

➡ See also Filoform Filoseal Cable Duct Seals to prevent water ingress, gas migration or fire spread into LV MV HV substations.