3M M30 – 47-100mm Flexible Cable Repair & Joint

3M M30 - 47-100mm Flexible Cable Repair & Joint

3M M30 – 47-100mm Flexible Cable Repair & Joint

3M M30 is a 47-100mm flexible cable repair and cable joint kit that has an adjustable cold pour resin system for the permanent jointing and cable repair of single or multi-core power cables – the flexible cable joint system utilises 3M Scotchcast 2131 resin suitable for offshore installation and immersion in seawater. Also suitable for repairing and jointing rail trackside power and signalling cables.

M30 forms part of the 3M range of cable repair kits.

3M M30 47-100mm Flexible Cable Repair & Joint – Features

3M M30 Kit

3M M30 Kit – ex stock

  • Simple installation – no workshop needed
  • Non-vulcanising cable repair & jointing – no costly equipment needed
  • Drastic reduction in repair time – compared to vulcanising
  • No heat required – safer system, no permit for hot work required
  • High performance – repaired/jointed section can be reeled without sagging
  • Permanent cable joint and repair – both electrically and mechanically
  • No end lifting – bonds to all modern cable sheath materials such as neoprene, polychoroprene and nitrile/PVC even PVC, EPR and hypalon
  • Abrasion resistant – equivalent to vulcanising
  • Weather resistant – over a wide temperature range
  • Flame retardant 3M Scotchcast Resin 2131

Technical Specification

  • Cable diameter size – Min 47mm – Max 100mm
  • Max length of joint/repair – 520mm
  • Mould length – 740mm
  • Quantity of resin needed for joint 2200 gram (3 x C and 2 x B size packs)


Three sizes of 3M kit enables repairs and joints to be made on cable ranging from 40mm O/D to 150mm O/D.

3M Resin Kit Part No Cable Size Dia Max Length of Cable Joint/Repair (mm) Mould Length (mm) Quantity of Scotchcast Resin Needed for Joint (grammes)
Min (mm) Max (mm)
M20 40 63 360 510 1200 (2xC size packs)
M30 47 100 520 740 2220 (3 x C and 2 x B size packs)
M40 27 150 813 1118 3600 (6 x C size packs)

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