Cembre B-TC250BSE Battery Cable Cutting Tool

Cembre B-TC250BSE Battery Cable Cutting Tool

Cembre B-TC250BSE Battery Cable Cutting Tool


Cembre B-TC250BSE battery cutting tools are designed for use by LV-HV cable jointers, overhead linesmen and electrical engineers for cutting copper, aluminium, ACSR and steel cables and steel ropes with a maximum overall cable diameter of 26mm.

Cembre cutting tool blades are manufactured from high strength steel and heat treated to ensure extended service life – the cable cutting tool head rotates through 180 degrees enabling the user to cut cables in the most comfortable position and can be opened easily to allow cutting of running cables.

The Cembre B-TC250BSE cutting tool is fitted with a maximum hydraulic pressure valve.

18 volt cordless hydraulic “beak style” cutting tool with maximum overall cutting diameter of 26mm available with wrist strap, spare battery, battery charger and a plastic carrying case suitable for storing the tool and accessories.

Cembre B-TC250BSE cutting tool


  • Max Cutting Diameter: 26mm
  • Rated Operating Pressure: 450 bar (6,500 psi)
  • Dimensions: 436mm x 140mm x 81mm
  • Cable Cutter Weight: 3.4kg
  • Oil: AGIP ARNICA 22 or equivalent (Approved by Cembre)

Cembre cutting tools should be cleaned daily (or after use) with a clean cloth removing any residue in particular particles close to pivots and moveable parts. Every six months it is essential check the oil level in the reservoir. If necessary fill oil level to the top lip and remove any excess air from the reservoir.

The cutting tool is supplied as:

  • Basic tool with battery and shoulder strap
  • Spare battery
  • Battery charger
  • Plastic carrying case suitable for storing the tool and accessories

For storage and protection the Cembre B-TC250BSE tool is supplied in a robust carrying bag for storage of the cutting tool.

  • Dimensions 620x360x138 mm

B-TC250BSE Dimensions

Max cutting Ø mm Length Height Width Weight
26 436mm 140mm 81mm 3.4kg

Cembre B-TC250BSE Cutting Tool

battery operated

Technical Specification

Cembre B-TC250BSE use Li-Ion 18 V 2 Ah batteries offering a higher capacity than 14.4 V 3 Ah, while greater cutting speed and cutting force result from a powerful hydraulic cable cutting system with double speed action. The battery is equipped with LED indicators to show the remaining battery life at any time by pressing the adjacent button.

Cembre tools are designed with improved balance – Cembre B-TC250BSE is easily manageable during the cable cutting process has a shell with high resistance to wear and damage.

Rubber grip inserts, low noise and minimal vibration aid operator comfort while additional convenience and safety are provided by LED lighting of the working area.

Cembre B-TC250BSE Battery Cable Cutting Tool

Cembre Tool Type B-TC250BSE Cable Cutter (Hydraulic – Battery Operated)
Battery Material Li-Ion
Battery Voltage 18 V
Battery Current 2 Ah
Maximum Cable Cutting Diameter 26mm
Length 436mm
Width 81mm
Height 140mm
Weight 3.4kg

Cable Cutting Safety

Keep hands clear from cutting blades ♦ Do not cut steel ♦ Wear safety glasses and gloves ♦ Read tool instructions prior to cutting cable

Cembre Cutting Tools

Cable Cutting & Crimping - Cembre

Cable Cutting & Crimping – Cembre

Underground Cables & Overhead Lines

  • Power Cables: LV-MV-HV Armoured & Unarmoured Cables (6.6kV 11kV 33kV 66kV 132kV). EHV, Subsea Cables & Umbilicals
  • Utility Cables: LV-HV Power BS6622 BS7870 (XLPE & EPR – Triplex) including Lead Covered & LV Waveform Cables
  • Offshore & Marine Cables: (IEC 60092, BS6883, NEK606, IEC 60331)
  • Telecoms Cables: Copper Cables (Aerial, Duct/Underground Buried & Wire)
  • Low Voltage Aerial Bundled Cables (ABC Mains & Service Cable)
  • High Voltage Overhead Conductors: Copper & Aluminium

Cembre hydraulic crimping tools are available to suit all types of cable installations.

Cable Cutting Cuttters Cembre - LV MV HV 11kV 33kV Power Cable

Cable Cutting & Crimping Tools For LV-MV-HV Power Cables, Conductors & Lines