Elastimold Elbows – 200 Amp Deadbreak Elbow Connectors

Elastimold Elbows - 200 Amp Deadbreak Elbow Connectors

Elastimold Elbows – 200 Amp Deadbreak Elbow Connectors

Elastimold 200 Amp Deadbreak Elbow Connectors provide a quick disconnect feature for cables and equipment connections on MV-HV power distribution systems and are equipped with test points as standard.

Elastimold deadbreak elbows must be de-energised before operating and must be mechanically secured with bails when connected. Components can be isolated using insulated caps, plugs and parking bushings.

Elastimold are also able to offer optional accessories for system grounding, testing, bypass, surge protection and current limiting fusing – additional connecting points and taps can be provided by use of junctions or feed-thrus.

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Elastimold 200 Amp Deadbreak Elbow Connectors

Ratings Overview

  • Current Ratings

  • 200A Continuous, 10kA Sym. 10 Cycles


  • 15kV Class Voltage Ratings

    • 8.3kV Phase-to-Ground
    • 14.4kV Phase-to-Phase
    • 95kV BIL
    • 34kV AC Withstand
    • 53kV DC Withstand
    • 11kV Corona Extinction
  • 25kV Class Voltage Ratings

    • 15.2kV Phase-to-Ground
    • 26.3kV Phase-to-Phase
    • 125kV BIL
    • 40kV AC Withstand
    • 78kV DC Withstand
    • 19kV Corona Extinction

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Elastimold Connectors

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200 Amp Elastimold Elbows

Should you require technical support with component product selection for Elastimold 200 Amp Deadbreak Elbows please contact us.

There is a complete range of MV-HV cable to electrical equipment bushing wells, deadbreak bushing inserts (standard, extended and feed-thru) which are compatible with deadbreak elbow connectors (including replacement, repair, fused and ground type elbows).

Surge arresters can be integrated with medium/high voltage power and electrical distribution systems, 15-35kV.

➡ Complete range of Euromold Connectors & Elbows available for connecting and terminating medium/high voltage cables onto outer cone bushings for SF6 gas insulated switchgear cable terminations.

Elastimold Elbows 200-Amp Deadbreak Elbow Connectors

The following image shows the bushings for cable to equipment connections, the operating accessories and cable to cable directions for 200-Amp deadbreak separable connector components.

Elastimold Elbows 200-Amp Deadbreak Elbow Connectors



Elastimold Connector Range Description Voltage Class Elastimold Part Number Notes
Elbow Connector With Test Point Elbow Connector With Test Point 15kV / 25kV 156LR-W5X N1, N2
Direct Test Elbow Connector Direct Test Elbow Connector 15kV / 25kV 156DLR-W5X N1, N2, N22
Bail Assembly for 156LR Elbow Bail Assembly for 156LR Elbow 15kV / 25kV 150BA N/A
Bushing Insert Bushing Insert 15kV / 25kV K1501A1 N3
Insulated Plug Insulated Plug 15kV / 25kV K150DP N3
Insulated Cap Insulated Cap 15kV / 25kV K150DR N3
2-Point Junction 15kV / 25kV K1501J2-U N3, N6
3-Point Junction 15kV / 25kV K1501J3-U N3, N6
4-Point Junction 15kV / 25kV K1501J4-U N3, N6
Elbow Probe Elbow Probe 15kV / 25kV 156LRF N/A
Elbow Cable Entrance Insulating Plug Elbow Cable Entrance Insulating Plug 15kV / 25kV 10EP-W N10

N1. Includes bail assembly.
N2. W5X indicates that the catalog number includes a 02500X bi-metal compression lug, which is
rated for either aluminum or copper conductor, as standard. For an all-copper lug, replace W5X
with W2X. Use Table X1 to specify the all-copper 02702X lug.
N3. Bails are required but not included. Order separately. Consult factory for bails not listed for a
specific application.
N4. Fully rotatable for 360° positioning. Includes bail assembly to secure feed-thru insert to bushing
well. Elbows bail assemblies are required but not included with the feed-thru insert.
N6. Center-to-center spacing equals 4 inches.
N10. For use with 156LR elbows.
N22. Direct Test Connectors, along with a 200TC-X series meter adapter, a properly rated voltage
meter and Hot-line Stick provides a means for direct conductor voltage testing.
See page H-7 for meter adapters.

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