Power Cables – IEC Marine & Offshore DNV Approved

Published 27 Nov 2017

Marine Offshore Cables & Accessories – Power Cables

  • Cable Type: Power
  • Industry: Marine & Offshore
  • Manufacturer: Helkama
  • Classification: IEC
  • Flame Retardant: IEC 60332-1-2, IEC 60332-3-22
  • Halogen Free: IEC 60754
  • Low Smoke Emission: IEC 61034
  • Oil Resistant (SHF2): IEC 60811-404

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Helkama Cables Part Number Power Cable Description Cable Type
LKM-HF Unarmoured power and control cable with SHF1 or SHF2 sheath 0,6/1kV LKM-HF
LKAM-HF Screened power and control cable with SHF1 or SHF2 sheath 0,6/1kV LKAM-HF
LKSM-HF Armoured power and control cable with SHF1 or SHF2 sheath 0,6/1kV LKSM-HF
LKMM-HF Unarmoured power cable with extruded filler and SHF1 or SHF2 sheath  0,6/1kV LKMM-HF
LKMSM-HF Armoured power cable with extruded filler and with SHF1 or SHF2 sheath 0,6/1kV LKMSM-HF
LKSM-EMC Armoured power and control cable with improved EMC screening and with SHF1 or SHF2 sheath 0,6/1kV EMC LKSM-EMC
LKSM-VFD Armoured power cable for Variable Frequency Drive Systems with improved EMC screening and with SHF1 or SHF2 sheath 1,8/3kV VFD LKSM-VFD
LKEM-HF For fixed wiring in switchboards, control panels and other enclosures 0,6/1kV LKEM-HF
Helkama Cables

Developing & Manufacturing Offshore & Marine Cables For Over 50 Years

Marine & Offshore Power

Cable Accessories

THORNE & DERRICK are international distributors of LV, MV & HV Offshore & Marine Cable Installation, Jointing, Substation, Earthing & Electrical Equipment – we supply Joints, Glands, Cleats & Cable Accessories specified for use in harsh and hazardous areas to support the installation of marine and offshore power cables including DNV Approved cable ties.

Since 1985, T&D have established an international reputation based on SERVICE | INTEGRITY | TRUST.


DNV is a rigorous approval system for cable accessories including joints, glands and cleats – the DNV approval process assesses all of the evidence offered by the manufacturer and compares it to the requirements of the international standard, IEC61914. Once full compliance is proven DNV Type Approval is offered.

Cable Joints

DNV Approved

Hydrocarbon Resistant | Zero Halogen & Fire Resistant

Cable Glands

Hazardous Area Explosion Proof | Zero Halogen

Cable Cleats

Zero Halogen | Fire Resistant | Stainless Steel

Also ➡ Cable Labels, Cable Ties, Cable Transits and Cold Shrink

Contact Thorne & Derrick for further information and customer service – extensive range of DNV Approved Marine & Offshore Cables & Cable Accessories available for delivery to UK and international projects.

Marine Offshore & Electrical Equipment DNV

LV MV HV – 3.3kV 6.6kV 11kV 33kV

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