High Voltage Cable Cleats & Saddles (HV EHV 132kV 275kV 400kV Cables) – Ellis Patents Centaur

High Voltage Cable Cleats (HV EHV 132kV 275kV 400kV Cables) – Ellis Patents Centaur

Cable Cleats

Centaur Cable Cleats & Saddles

Transmission & Distribution Cable Saddle Supports for Power Cable Tunnels

  • Manufactured By Ellis Patents
  • Maximum Short Circuit Test Level 64kA RMS 1sec/163kA Peak
  • Cable Cleat Spacing – 8.4mm
  • Cable Cleat Type – Single & Trefoil Cables
  • Material – Aluminum
  • Cleat Range Cable Diameter – 100-162mm

Centaur Cable Saddles manufactured by Ellis Patents are designed to support HV EHV power cables with diameters ranging from 100-162mm, from support steelwork at centres of up to 8.4m – typically this cable support product is used to provide 400kV cable tunnel cleats and support for high voltage power cables.

For further more about short-circuit protection and support for medium/high voltage cables including cable hangers please see MV HV cable clamps and cleats.

Cable cleats and saddles can be custom manufactured to accommodate extra high voltage (EHV) power cables and steelwork support fixing.

Centaur cable saddles are constructed from aluminium and have an extruded and pressed saddles with a hinged overstrap. The curvature of the saddle allows for the thermal expansion of the cable and the ends of the saddle are flared so that the cable does not come in to contact with sharp edges. The hinged overstrap is fitted with a low smoke zero halogen polymeric liner to cushion the cable in the event of a short-circuit.

Ellis Centaur saddles are fixed with 316L stainless steel bolts and to eliminate the possibility of galvanic corrosion all dissimilar metals are isolated from each other by injection moulded separation washers.

Centaur cable saddles are available in lengths of 400, 600 and 800mm to allow for different cable diameters and mounting centres – the cable saddles can also be supplied with a variety of mounting arrangements to suit high voltage power cables.

As well as being supplied to suit single spaced cable runs Centaur cable saddles can also be provided for trefoil cables.

Trefoil Centaur saddles used to cleat MV HV EHV single core power cables are typically used on a per project basis and has been designed, developed, tested and manufactured in accordance with IEC 61914 (Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations).

Ellis Patents Centaur Cable Saddles

Max Short Circuit Test Level Cable Cleat Spacing

  • 64kA RMS 1 sec  8.4m
  • 163kA Peak 8.4m

Project Application15kV EPR HV Cable Saddle & Supports. Switchyard Upgrade – 320-MW Fort Randall Hydropower Plant. Here the Centaur cable cleats designed and manufactured by Ellis Patents in the UK are shown installed by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) at the Fort Randall dam in Pickstown, South Dakota – the project scope includes the replacement of antiquated oil-filled equipment with modern gas-insulated high voltage electrical equipment. The cable replacement project involved the removal of 48,000ft of single core conductor oil impregnated paper insulated copper cable, 8 oil filled pipe cables and 8000ft of steel pipe. The paper insulated cables were replaced with 133% EPR insulated cables including 96 total class3 15kV cable terminations. A snaked system was adopted due to cable movement caused by thermodynamic forces eliminating the suitability of a fixed cable tray and roller system. The existing steel angle supporting structures were modified to accomodate both the bespoke Centaur cable saddles and Centaur anchors – Ellis Patents develop innovative project specific solutions for MV (Medium), HV (High) and EHV (Extra High) Voltage cable installations.

Installation by Interstate Electrical Contractors Inc.

HV Cable Cleats Saddles Ellis Patents Centaur

Project Application – HV EHV Power Cable Tunnel Saddles & Cleats. Centaur cable saddles designed and manufactured by Ellis Patents, the world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer, to clamp and secure 2 separate high voltage (HV) cables in a power tunnel in Belguim. The 380kV high voltage power cables manufactured by Nexans/Silec are supported using saddles to reinforce the electricity transmission system. The Ellis Centaur cable saddles are heavy-duty, extruded aluminium cable saddles to provide short circuit restraint up to 400kV and outside cable diameters of 100-160mm. Installed by Eliahigh voltage electricity transmission operators in Belguim.Cable Saddles


Installation instructions for single way or trefoil cables using Centaur saddles manufactured by Ellis Patents:

Position the Centaur onto the mounting structure.Tighten the central M16 bolt to the stucture using a 24mm socket or spanner setWith care install the cable into the saddleAttach the strap to the saddle, ensuring that the liner is in placeClose the strap onto the M12 fixings
1. Position the Centaur onto the mounting structure.Tighten the central M16 bolt to the structure using a 24mm socket or spanner set2. With care install the cable into the saddle3. Attach the strap to the saddle, ensuring that
the liner is in place.
4. Close the strap onto the M12 fixings. Using a 19mm socket or spanner for the head of the set screws and an 18mm socket or spanner for the flange nuts, tighten the strap to an appropriate torque for the cable


High Voltage Cable Cleats (HV EHV 132kV 275kV 400kV Cables) – Ellis Patents Centaur

High Voltage Cable Cleats (HV EHV 132kV 275kV 400kV Cables) – Ellis Patents Centaur


Should you require test samples or further specification details about Centaur cable cleats please contact us:

PropertyIEC 61914 Classification ClauseUnits / ClassificationTest Data
Cleat Type6.1.3Composite
Temperature for
6.2°C-40 – 60
UV Resistance6.5.1.2UV ResistantMetallic frame
shields polymer
Corrosion Resistance6.5.2.2Refer to Ellis for
Impact Rating6.3.5 Very HeavyPass
Flame Propagation Test10.0, 10.1Application Time >30 secondsPass
Axial Load Rating6.4.3, 9.4Newtons (N)Refer to Ellis
Lateral Load Rating6.4.2, 9.3Newtons (N)Refer to Ellis
Resistance to
(Short Circuit Testing)
6.4, 6.4.4, 9.5Centaur cleats @ 8.4m
with straps at midpoints
163kA peak
(Report No. KEMA313-08)
Phase Spacing = 800mm


Ellis Patents Centaur CABLE Saddles – Cable Application Selection Table

➡The following selection table provides information to enable the specification or purchase of the correct cable saddle or cleat for cable tunnel applications – contact Thorne & Derrick for further technical information, installation advice, samples or to place an order.

Centaur Cable Saddles Part NumberCable Diameter Range (mm)


Centaur Heavy Duty Aluminium Cable Saddle for cables in single and trefoil formation

Centaur Heavy Duty Aluminium Cable Saddle for cables in single and trefoil formation

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The Video produced by Ellis Patents provides compelling evidence of the need to ensure all cables are adequately supported and retained to cable containment to protect against the devastating effects of short circuit faults: 118kA Short Circuit Fault Current | 0.1 Seconds Duration | 480V Low Voltage Cables. 

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