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Cable Tools

Cable jointing tools manufactured by Utility Tool are used for medium and high voltage cable preparation, dressing and stripping of primary, secondary distribution and transmission lines and conductors.

Utility Tool is a brand of Ripley for wire and cable jointing tools preferred by MV-HV cable jointers, splicers, substation engineers and linesmen.

High Voltage Cable Tools

High quality Utility Tools enable the efficient and precise stripping and removal of medium and high voltage power cable constructions including XLPE, EPR, PILC and aerial cables – pictured below is a 33kV cable compliant with IEC 60 502-2 showing the typical construction of medium/high voltage cables which can be removed using specialist cable tools:

1 Conductor – aluminium/copper (stranded, solid, compacted – sector or circular)
2 Conductor Screen – semi-conductive layer over cable conductor
3 Primary Insulation – XLPE
4 Screen – semi-conductive layer over insulation (fully bonded or “easy” peel)
5 Separator – water block swelling tape, semi-conductive
6 Cable Screen – copper wire or copper tape
7 Separator – swelling tape
8 Laminated sheath – aluminium tape
9 Cable Sheath Jacket – PE or PVC

Thorne & Derrick can provide precision engineered cable stripping and preparation tools for the removal of cable outer sheath jacket, insulation and screen – this includes bonded-semi screen removal and screen scoring tools for use with peelable “easy-strip” type medium/high voltage power cables.

HV Cable Tools

33kV XLPE N2XS(FL)2Y – NA2XS(FL)2Y HV Cable Construction. Image: ELKA

Tools for Jointing Cables

Utility tool’s cable jointing tools care suitable for underground cables or overhead lines – cable tools for 3.3kV, 11kV, 33kV, 66kV, 132kV and 400kV voltages.Cable Jointing Tools

All cable tools meet the specific cable preparation requirements including accurate removal of cable insulation, semi-conductive screen sheathing, protective cable jacketing sheath and other materials to produce consistent and uniform preparation of cables before installing joints, terminations or connectors.

Ripley US02-7000 Semicon Shaver & Stripping Tool quickly and easily removes bonded semi-con from MV & HV power cables without the requirement for lubrication.

The semicon tool has a unique blade shape which preserves the smooth surface on the XLPE insulation of medium voltage cables typically distributing electrical power at 11kV and 33kV voltages – the Ripley US02 tool eliminates the need for deburring or additional surface finishing of the cable insulation. Its optimal stability design securely supports cables with diameters from 18 mm to 60 mm throughout the shaving operation of the cable preparation process, prior to jointing or terminating medium voltage cables.

Ripley US02-7000

Ripley US02-7000 Semicon Shaver & Stripping Tool


Thorne & Derrick provide competitive prices and fast delivery from stock for the complete range of Utility cable tools – we provide expert guidance on the correct selection of cable tools for working at LV, MV, HV and EHV and supply the UK and international utilities and contractors.

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