Pfisterer Sicon 332 640 012 Bolted Connectors

Bolted Connector (MC-OS)

Sicon Connectors


Pfisterer Sicon 332 640 012 are bolted shear-off connectors to joint, terminate or connect cable conductors (both copper and aluminium) with a cross section range of 240-500sqmm – short circuit tested for use on high voltage cables and networks up to 72kV and typically used with 11kV/33kV cable accessories including Cold Shrink or heat shrink cable joints and cable terminations.

Sicon connectors, bolted clamps and cable lugs are electrically/mechanically type-tested in accordance with IEC 61238-1 class A.

  • Pfisterer Sicon Part Number: 332 640 012
  • Product Range: Bolted Connector (MC-OS)
  • Connector Cross-Section (sqmm): 240-500sqmm
  • L (mm): 198
  • OD (mm): 52
  • Hex Size: 8

Pfisterer Sicon 332 640 012

Copper Aluminium Connectors

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Bolted Connector

Bolted Connector Dimensions

Sicon Connectors

Branch Connectors | Cable Lugs | Bolted Connectors Using Shear-off Sicon technology from Pfisterer

L (mm) OD (mm) Hex Size Part No (AL + Cu) Image
Bolted Connector (MC-OS)
240 – 500 198 52 8 332 640 012 Bolted Connector (MC-OS)

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