Polypipe Comtite Cable Duct Plugs

Polypipe Comtite Cable Duct Plugs

Polypipe Comtite Cable Duct Plugs

Polypipe Comtite Cable Duct Plugs when used with insertable cable grommets ensure full cable protection compliance and cable sealing with the Series 1500 specification of Highway Works (MCHW) and are accredited by the BBA for motorway communications.

Comtite Cable Duct Plugs allow for rapid fitting for both new and retrofit cable protection applications and are an IP47 rated sealed system with an integral test valve.

Polypipe Comtite cable duct plugs completes a certified duct sealed system protected against water ingress or flood water damage when used with Ridgiduct Motorway Communications cable ducting.


The colour of cable duct allows contractors to quickly identify the type of cable service within underground cable ducts. According to NJUG, purple cable ducting designates Motorway Communications applications. T&D also distribute a complete range of Cable Pulling & Laying equipment for motorway communications and street lighting cables.

Cable Pulling Laying Equipment

T&D distribute the complete range of LV-HV Cable Pulling and Laying Equipment including cable rollers, cable socks, cable jacks, cable drum trailers, cable lubricant, underground cable protection and conduit duct rod.

Polypipe Comtite Cable Duct Plugs – Features & Benefits

  • IP47 rated cable duct sealed system (watertight up to 1 metre)
  • BBA HAPAS approved
  • Allows for rapid fitting, both new and retrofit
  • Integral test valve
  • Design resists ejection from the cable protection
  • All 4 ports can be utilised by the use of an additional draw cord bracket
  • Blanking grommet with rope attachment point

Polypipe Comtite Cable Duct Plugs – Product Range

Polypipe Comtite Cable Duct Plugs Product Code Description Pack Quantity
DP94 94mm plug 40
DP100 100mm plug 40
DPG0 Blanking grommet with rope attachment point 10
DPG9 9mm grommet 10
DPG12 12mm grommet 10
DPG14 14mm grommet 10
DPG16 16mm grommet 10
DPG18 18mm grommet 10
DPG21 21mm grommet 10
DPG24 24mm grommet 10
DPG27 27mm grommet 10
DPG9X4 4 x 9mm grommet 10
DPG9X7 7 x 9mm grommet 10

Note: 4 grommets required per plug to achieve a sealed plug. Blanking grommets should be used where a cable grommet is not required.

Cable Ducts
Cable Duct

T&D distribute cable duct for power (LV MV HV), street lighting and motorway communications – Class 1, 2 & 3 ducts protect medium/high voltage cables operating at 11kV, 33kV and EHV up to 132kV.

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