Voltage Detectors 3kV 36kV – Pfisterer KP-Test 5L Dual

Voltage Detectors 3kV 36kV

Voltage Detectors 3kV 36kV

Voltage Detectors

Pfisterer KP-Test 5L Dual is a capacitive voltage detector that is similar in design to the KP-Test 5L. The one difference is the the KP-Test 5L Dual is able to switch between two nominal voltage ranges allowing  a larger system range to be covered without increasing interference field susceptibility.

The voltage detector is mainly intended for use on medium voltage MV overhead lines.

The Pfisterer KP-Test 5 Dual voltage detector provides a high level of user-friendliness and user safety – KP-Test 5 Dual is designed and type tested to Standard IEC 61243-1.

Other versions of the MV medium voltage detector with deviating voltages, ranges of nominal voltages, frequencies and languages are available on request.

KP-Test 5L Dual instruments detect the following voltage classes: 3kV, 10kV, 11kV, 12kV, 33/36kV.

Voltage Detectors 11kV 33kV

Voltage Detectors 11kV 33kV

Voltage Detector

Technical Specification

  • Class L as defined in IEC 61243-1
  • Can be used during precipitation
  • Switching between two voltage ranges using a switch
  • Integrated audible signal for reliable voltage tests even in noisy ambient conditions
  • Extremely strong LEDs in clear layout to prevent confusion
  • Extensive self-test functions at switch-on
  • Available separately for use with existing insulating poles
  • Available complete with suitable insulating poles in any overall length or carrying length
  • Nominal frequency 50 Hz
  • Overall device length without insulating poles 345 mm

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♦ When using voltage detectors to establish presence of operating voltages on MV-HV power cables or overhead lines there may be a requirement to apply field equipment earths, portable earthing, to equipment which is working adjacent to Live conductors to discharge any induced voltages.

Voltage detectors in the KP-Test 5 range provide dual indication of voltage i) Audible Signal ii) Visual Indication:

Voltage Detectors 1

Voltage Detectors | MV HV | Switchgear Substations Overhead Lines Up To 33kV

Voltage Detectors 2

Pfisterer KP-Test 5L Dual

Voltage Detector Technical Specification

Pfisterer Part Number Nominal Voltage Level I Un (kV) Nominal Voltage Level II Un (kV) Suitable Bag Suitable Case
930 210 501 0006 3-10 11-36 A4 K1


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