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Published 26 Jul 2018

3M Scotch Tapes

A series of How-To videos for repairing, jointing and terminating cables using 3M Cold Shrink & Scotchcast products.

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Scotch Tapes

This video by 3M Electrical shows the benefits of 3M Scotch Electrical Tapes.

3M Scotch tapes are used to cable joint, splice, repair damaged cables, seal and protect cables against abrasion, fire and corrosion – this includes protection of  LV-HV (11kV-33kV) cables and connections.

Please contact T&D should you require assistance with selecting the correct 3M Scotch tape.

The 3M video explains the benefits of using Scotch electrical tape over alternative tapes.

Extreme Heat or Cold Applications For Scotch Tapes

Watch the video to see how Scotch tapes perform and endure installation and service conditions at temperatures down to 0°F and up to 220°F temperatures with cracking or unwinding. Scotch tapes will not degrade overtime when subject to temperature extremes, weathering, moisture or chemicals.

3M Scotch tapes demonstrate strong adhesion and excellent durability ensuring they are ideal for permanent jobs such as insulating and protecting electrical cable connections – once wound properly it remains wound.

3M Scotch tapes can also be used in zero degree temperatures and withstands high temperature up to 220ºF unlike other vinyl electrical tapes which would crack and unwind.

A greater stretch and tape elasticity provides a smooth, professional wrap and the coloured coded and fade resistant design ensures permanent and clear cable identification using 3M Scotch vinyl electrical tapes.

Scotch Electrical Tapes

Scotch Tapes Manufactured By 3M Electrical For Professionals

The Scotch brand of PVC vinyl electrical tapes, manufactured by 3M Electrical, provide distinct competitive advantages over unbranded poor quality tapes which may have a superficial low price but actual high cost associations – since plastic vinyl tapes hit the mass-market in the 1940’s 3M Scotch has been the choice brand of the professional electrician for tapes with excellent electrical and mechanical properties.

For instance, 3M Scotch Super 33+ is the market-leading “fit and forget” vinyl electrical tape for providing cable protection, insulation and repair in industrial and hazardous area installations – this includes chemical (resists acids and alkalies), offshore (resists abrasion and corrosion) and industrial outdoor (resists UV ultraviolet light) applications.

As standard Scotch 33+ is coloured black so for colour-coding, phase marking and identification applications go with 3M Scotch 35 – same product specification as Scotch 33+ but with a colour spectrum of red, yellow, blue, brown, grey, white, green, orange and violet.

For cold weather and extreme low temperature applications select 3M Scotch 88 for continuous service down to 0 Degrees Celsius – Scotch 88 by 3M features excellent pliability and adhesion.

A varnished cambric tape is “off-the-shelf” for high puncture and cut-through resistance with Class A thermal stability  – contact sales and ask about 3M Scotch 2510 for further information.

The protection of medium/high voltage cables and joints demands heavy-duty electrical tapes – substandard and under specified tapes pose risk and danger to power systems and life. Here, upgrade your tape choice to 3M Scotch 22, recommended by 3M Electrical for outer sheath and cable jacket protection or repairs to high voltage power cables and joints with rubber or polymeric cables. That’s XLPE and EPR in “cables-speak”.

Where cost is King but a good quality and general purpose PVC electrical tape is required contact us to place an order for 3M Temflex 1500.

All 3M Electrical Tapes are super stretch and strong for holding power in place without fail.

Due to the physical properties of 3M Scotch the tapes provide moisture-tight, chemical resistant electrical sealing of cables, connections and cable joints.

So overall, Thorne & Derrick distribute an extensive range of electrical tapes including fire proofing tapes with arc protection, see 3M Scotch 77 and high specification fire resistant tapes manufactured by Nexans.

Further details on the complete range of 3M Scotch Electrical Tapes can be found here:


3M Cold Shrink

Cold Shrink – invented by 3M over 40 years ago and now the preferred technology for heat-free jointing, terminating, sealing and abandonment of LV HV cables

We hope you find this video informative and educational, contact T&D for technical support, quotations and stock availability for 3M Scotch Electrical Tape.

➡ Visit 3M Electrical for further information about joints, terminations, tapes and insulation to seal, repair, splice and connect LV MV HV cables.

Cold Shrink

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