Crimping Aluminium Cables Using Cembre RHU131-C Presshead

Published 14 Jun 2018

Cembre RHU131-C Crimping Presshead

Cembre RHU131-C Crimping Presshead

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Cembre RHU131-C

Thorne & Derrick International are Main UK Stockists and Suppliers of Cembre tools including crimping and cutting types for all constructions of LV MV HV cable including medium/high voltage 11kV/33kV power cables.

The following short article provides useful instructions about how to crimp aluminium conductor cables using Cembre model RHU131-C presshead – with built in safety valve the tool with by-pass the oil supply when maximum pressure has been reached.

The following excerpts are taken from the Operating Manual of Cembre RHU131-C hydraulic presshead crimping tool – however this information applies to the following tool model variants Cembre RHU131.

Cembre RHU131-C hydraulic crimping head is suitable for installing the same range of cable lugs, crimp connectors and terminals as Cembre HT 131-UC

For competitive prices, stock availability and technical advice about the Cembre RHU131-C tool please do not hesitate to contact us.

Crimping Aluminium Cables

Fig 4 Hydraulic Crimping Presshead Accessories

Hydraulic Crimping Presshead Accessories

Pre-Rounding Conductor (For Sectoral Cables)

Ensure all aluminium conductors are thoroughly cleaned using approved and suitable cable cleaning wipes prior to crimping.

From the table select the Cembre adaptors and pre-rounding dies for the appropriate conductor size.

Insert the upper adaptor Cembre AU130- and lower adaptor AC130P into the head as per below.

Insert the pre-rounding die (94) into the AC130P adaptor.

Position the conductor into the pre-rounding die (95) and locate the pre-rounding die (95) in the adaptor AU130.

Ensure that the pre-rounding die is correctly located in the adaptor with its upper slot in line with the internal adaptor pins.

Operate the hydraulic foot pump until the dies are fully closed, such as Cembre PO7000.

Release the hydraulic pressure and remove the compacted round conductor.

Cembre Presshead

Die Insertion

Connector Cable Crimping

Remove the pre-rounding dies and the adaptor AC130P from the presshead.

From the table select the containing die and indentor recommended for the conductor size.

Insert the indentor into the ram (09).

Insert conductor into the connector.

Locate the connector into the containing Cembre die then locate the containing die in the adaptor.

Commence indent crimping from the barrel end for both splices and terminals following the sequence shown below:

  • For every operation ensure the die is correctly located in the adaptor with its upper slots in line with the internal adaptor pins
  • Each indenting operation is completed when indentor and die are fully closed; it is recommended to continue pumping until the maximum pressure valve is activated and a “click” is heard

Indenting Sequence

Adaptor Fitting & Removal

  • Insert the upper adaptor AU130 (98) into the U-fork head (14) until secured by the locators (15).To remove the adaptor from the U-fork head, push the adaptor from the locators and slide out
  • To insert the adaptor AC130P(91), press the die release pin (12).

Insert the adaptor into the seat of the ram (09), until secured by the retaining pin (11). To facilitate this operation, an advancement of 3÷4 mm (0.11 – 0.16 in.) of the ram (09) is suggested. To remove the adaptor, press the die release pin (12) and slide the adaptor from the ram (09).

Cable Lugs LV

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Crimping Dies, Indentors, Pre-Rounding Dies – Fitting & Removal 

  • The containing die (96) and upper pre-rounding die (95): are located in the adaptor AU130-… (98) by grooves in the upper face.
  • The lower pre-rounding die (94): is inserted or removed from the adaptor AC130-P (91) by pulling the release button (92).
  • The indentor PS130…/E (93): is inserted into the seat on the ram (09)

Guide To The Selection Of Cable Crimping Accessories

Conductor Section Aluminium (sqmm) Upper Adaptor Lower Adaptor Pre-rounding Die Indentor Die Containing Die
Short Long Universal
Conductor Section Upper Adaptor Lower Adaptor Pre-rounding Die Indentor Containing Die Containing Die Containing Die Universal Containing Die
10-16 AU 130-150 AC 130-P PS130-35/E MV 35 MVM 35 MUA 35
25 UP 130-5
35 UP 130-35
50 UP 130-50 PS 130-95/E MV 95 MVM 95 MVC 95 MUA 95
70 UP 130-70
95 UP 130-95
120 UP 130-120 PS 130-150/E MV 150 MVM 150 MVC 150 MUA 150
150 UP 130-150
185 AU 130-240 UP 130-185 PS 130-240/E MV 240 MVM 240 MVC 240 MUA 240
240 UP 130-240
300* UP 130-300 MUA 300-34
*Outside diameter of connector 34mm

Cutting & Crimping Tools

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This post is from a series of articles written to provide advice and guidance on the care and servicing of Cembre cable cutting and crimping tools.

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