Cembre PO7000 Pump | Hydraulic Foot Pump Use With Cembre Crimping & Cutting Tools

Cembre PO7000 Pump

Cembre PO7000 Pump

Cembre PO7000

Cembre PO7000 pump is a foot operated double speed hydraulic pump developing a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi for installing cable crimps, lugs and connectors.

The PO7000 pump is supplied with 10 foot long high pressure flexible hose complete with an automatic, female, quick-coupler suitable for connection to a Cembre hydraulic crimping or cutting head. The flexible hose is designed for high-pressure operation and should not be tightly bent, knotted, kinked or squashed.

Note: High pressure flexible hoses are subject to a natural ageing process which can result in a reduction in performance potentially affecting safety of the operator and functionality of the hydraulic pump. In order to ensure safe use of the PO7000, Cembre recommends replacing the hose within 10 years from the date printed on the tool fittings. Pumps in the PO7000 range are supplied with a standard or non-conductive hose.

Different hose lengths are available on request. A variety of hydraulic couplers are also available.

Pressure can be withdrawn at any time during operation by depressing the release lever. A solid shaped stand gives the PO7000 pump stability during operation foruse when jointing and termination of LV MV HV cables.

The Cembre PO7000 has a two speed operation: the first is a low pressure for rapid approach with the ability to automatically switch to the second high pressure stage for cable crimping or cutting.

The hydraulic pump is suitable for use with both Cembre hydraulic crimping tools and Cembre hydraulic cutting tools.

Hydraulic Pump User Instructions

  • Place the PO7000 pump on a flat surface with the whole of the base resting on the ground – provides stability for the hydraulic pump during operation
  • Before operating the foot pump ensure that the coupler on the head is securely fitted to the coupler on the hose
  • Open the latch (11) to release the spring-loaded pedal (40) and commence operation by pumping the pedal (9)
  • Continue pumping until the crimping, cutting or punching operation is complete

For crimping heads it is recommended to continue pumping until the maximum pressure valve is actived and a “click” is heard.

How to Operate The Cembre PO7000 Foot Pump

PO7000 Pump



Cembre PO7000 Hydraulic Pump Specification
Pump Length 680mm
Pump Width 200mm
Pump Height 163mm
Oil Reservoir Capacity 1000cm³
Weight  9.2kg
Nominal Pressure Of Hydraulic Cutting Head 700 bar (10,000 psi)
Cembre PO7000 Pump

Cembre PO7000 Pump  | Hydraulic Pump Use With Cembre Crimping & Cutting Tools

Cembre PO7000 Pump

Cembre PO7000 Pump is supplied with VAL-P21 plastic case for storage and transport to avoid damage

Cembre PO7000

Cembre PO7000 is available with insulated foot pedal for connection to kV type hydraulic heads


Some Fault Diagnosis Tips

Problem: Foot pump builds up pressure, but the ram of the connected head doesn’t advance.

Solution: Make sure that the quick coupler between tool head and flexible hose is properly locked

Problem: Each action of the pedal makes the ram, of the connected head move but it retracts immediately after

Solution: Eliminate air bubbles and residues inside the hydraulic circuit (See 4.1 in Operating Instructions)

Problem: Dies or blades of the connected tool head do not close completely, and therefore compression, cutting or punching operation is not possible

Solution: Check oil level and top up if necessary as described at point (See 4.1 in Operating Instructions)

Problem: The maximum pressure relief valve operates before the dies or the blades have fully completed the operation

Solution: Check the correct setting of the valve with the special gauge Cembre MPC1

How to Top Up Oil

  • Raise the end of the foot pump to help air expulsion and to ease filling the reservoir
  • Release the pedal (9) from the latch (11) to more easily reach the reservoir cap
  • Unscrew the reservoir cap and top up the oil level until the hole is reached
  • Replace the cap on the foot pump

Cembre PO7000

Note: Always use clean recommended oil never old or recycled oil. Do NOT use hydraulic brake fluid.

Cleaning & Storage Of The Cembre PO7000

The Cembre PO700 pump is robust and requires limited daily maintenance. Ensure optimum performance following and complying to the following actions:

  • Clean the tool thoroughly as dust, sand and dirt are a danger for any hydraulic tool or device
  • After every use clean the hydraulic PO7000 pump with a clean cloth removing all residue especially close to pivots and moveable parts
  • Ensure the pump is stored and transport in a plastic case to prevent damage
  • Cembre PO700 pump is supplied with VAL-P21 plastic case


Care should be taken when using and operating the Cembre PO7000 – some general advice is provided here however should you have any additional queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Keep the hydraulic pump and flexible hose away from naked flames and sources of heat above 70°C
  • The factory fitted spring steel, spiral guards must be in place at each end of the flexible hose
  • Do not touch the flexible hose when the pump is under pressure
  • When using the PO7000 pump the flexible hose must be uncoiled and laid out straight
  • Before connecting or disconnecting the couplings, check that the oil pressure is zero

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