Heat Shrink Cable Repair Kits For Damaged BS6883 Offshore Cables

Published 09 Oct 2019

Heat Shrink Cable Repair Sleeve Kit

Heat Shrink Cable Repair Sleeve Kit

  • uploaded by Chris Dodds | Thorne & Derrick Sales Marketing Manager

Working with Anixter, Thorne & Derrick are supplying heat shrink cable sheath repair kits to reinstate and repair cable damage to BS6883 offshore cables (600/1000 volts low voltage) – during installation of the offshore type cables (BS6883) the bending radius was exceeded causing stress cracks and splits on the EPR rubber insulation.

The lay-flat wrap-around design of heat shrink cable repair kits enable fast and reliable repairs to cable damage without resort to cable jointing or electrical circuit isolation.

The damaged cable can be repaired mid-circuit without resort to disconnection of the cable at the point of cable gland or cable termination. The damaged cables with an outside diameter of 19mm are to be repaired using 250no lengths of pre-cut sections of SPS SWRS 50-15 heat shrink repair kits.

The dielectric strength of a wraparound repair sleeve is minimum 11kV-12kV per mm of thickness and after recovery the heat shrink will provide a 2mm wall thickness.

This level of re-insulation is sufficient to seal and protect the cable and provide some additional insulation. However, whilst a heat shrink wrap sleeve is an excellent choice to repair low and high voltage cables, if any damage to the conductive screen or primary insulation on high voltage cable is evident, removing the damage and fitting a cable joint would be the recommendation.

Heat Shrink Cable Repair Kits

SPS SWRS Specification

Item Test Condition & Material Requirement
Bursting Strength Test Temp: 23±5°C Min 3000N
Thermal Ageing Bursting Strength 168Hrs at 150±2°C (After Free Shrinkage) Min 5000N
Dielectric strength Electrode Surface Dia: 6mm. Weight: 50±2gms. Voltage Steps: 2kV/20sec Min 12 kV/mm
Split Resistance Temp: 200±2°C. Test time 23±3°C No split Propagation
Carbon Content UV Res of Out/layer Heating Rate: 20°C/min. Gas Flow Rate: 300cc/min Min 2.5%
Cold Crack Resistance Test temp: ≤-40°C No crack
Resistance to Aggressive Media
Bursting Strength
Test Media: Fuel Oil, Petroleum Jelly. Test Temp: 70 ± 2°C Min 2000N
Environmental Stress cracking 10% Igepal Co 630. Solution Immersion Time: 30 days
Test Temp: 50 ± 3°C
No cracking
Temp. indicating paint conversion Scraped Off Paint From Sleeve 230-250°C


Pictured : BS6883 Offshore Cable – Typical Cable Construction – EPR Rubber Insulated Cables 600/1000 Volts

BS6883 Offshore Cables

How to Install Wraparound Repair Sleeves

  1. Position the wraparound sleeve over the cable damage, joint or splice and close the metal channel
  2. Apply heat using the heat shrink gas torch to shrink the sleeve onto the cable sheath and melt the adhesive liner
  3. The finished sleeve is allowed to cool creating moisture proof and corrosion resistant cable seal

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