Medium Voltage Cable Terminations 3 – Earthing

Published 21 Aug 2019

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In this series of 15 blogs we provide Chapter breakdowns for the Nexans published book, “Medium Voltage Cable Accessories, A Theoretical and Practical Approach”.

Today, we overview Chapter 10, Medium Voltage Cable Terminations 3 – Earthing.

The book covers the installation of medium voltage cable terminations, separable connectors, cable joints and associated LV MV HV Power Cable Accessories such as cable glands, lugs and cable cleats.

Great emphasis is placed on failure modes of medium voltage cables and methods of preventing potential problems in service of electrical power systems operating typically at 11kV/33kV.

Essential reading for:

  • Lead Electrical Engineers
  • Electrical Project Engineers
  • Principal Electrical Engineers
  • Plant Engineers
  • LV HV EHV Cable Jointers
  • ATEX Inspectors
  • Substation Commissioning Managers
  • LV HV EHV Project Managers
  • Buyers & Procurement Managers
  • SAP’s
  • Sales Managers & Engineers

The book is an instant hit with DNO’s, IDNO’S, ICP’s, MV HV Cable Jointers, Cable Contractors, Cable Jointer Training Centres, Electrical Contractors and Substation Engineers.

Medium Voltage Cable Terminations 3 – Earthing

Chapter 10

Medium Voltage Cable Terminations 3 Earthing

From Medium Voltage Cable Accessories

  • 10.1. Introduction
  • 10.2. Outdoor medium voltage cable terminations
  • 10.2.1. Single core medium voltage cable with copper wires or copper tape screen
  • 10.2.2. Single core medium voltage polymeric cable with aluminium armour
  • 10.2.3. Three core polymeric medium voltage cable with steel wire armour
  • 10.2.4. Three core medium voltage paper cable with corrugated aluminium sheath
  • 10.2.5. medium voltage paper cable with lead sheath and steel wire armours
  • 10.2.6. Three core medium voltage paper cable with steel tape armour
  • 10.3. Indoor medium voltage terminations
  • 10.3.1. Single core unarmoured MV polymeric cable
  • 10.3.2. Single core MV cable with tape screen and armours
  • 10.3.3. Three core MV paper cable with corrugated aluminium sheath
  • 10.3.4. Three core MV cable with steel wire armours
  • 10.4. Compression glands
  • 10.4.1. Ingress protection – IP ratings
  • 10.4.2. Gland seals
  • 10.4.3. Cable support
  • 10.4.4. Cable earthing

Medium Voltage Cable Accessories book

Nexans (Euromold) manufacture high voltage Screened Separable Connectors (Elbow & Bolted Tee), Cable Joints & Cable Terminations (Cold Shrink & Heat Shrink), Bushings and Surge Arresters are available to suit 11kV, 33kV and up to 66kV distribution networks.

Medium Voltage Cable Accessories Book Published By Nexans

  • Format: Hardback
  • Extent: 160pp
  • Size: 300x215mm [Nexans 11kV 33kV Cable Jointers Book]
  • ISBN: 978-0-9573785-0-6
  • RRP: £79.99
  • Illustrations: Nexans Power Accessories (UK)
  • Publication Date: March 2013


Medium Voltage Cable Accessories Book Published By Nexans


In January 2018 Thorne & Derrick International, based in the UK, signed a UK Distribution Agreement with Nexans Power Accessories UK.

T&D are national distributors of LV, MV & HV Cable Installation, Jointing, Substation & Electrical Equipment – servicing businesses involved in cabling, jointing, substation, earthing, overhead line and electrical construction at LV, 11kV, 33kV, 66kV and EHV. Supplying a complete range of power cable accessories to support the maintenance and installation of HV transformers and switchgear.

  • Slip-on Cable Terminations
  • Cold-shrink Cable Terminations
  • Heat-shrink Cable Terminations
  • Cable Joints – Heat & Cold-shrink
  • Separable Connectors (Euromold)
  • Surge Arresters & Switchgear/Transformer Bushings


Signing the new Nexans Power Accessories UK Distribution Agreement is a key part of Thorne & Derrick’s growth strategy for the next 5 years.

With T&D’s knowledge and experience of stocking and supplying Medium & High Voltage Cable Accessories this new partnership with Nexans delivers the most complete range of Joints, Terminations and Connectors for medium voltage power systems.

Training Courses & Services For Cable Jointers

Empower your CV and skill-set by grasping the 66kV Jointer Training opportunity. Jointers must currently be 33kV Competent and experienced to be ready to undertake the step-up to 66kV from 33kV. 11kV Jointer Training Courses also available.

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