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Cable Caps

Cable Caps

Cable Caps

Heat Shrinkable Moulded Parts – 3M SKE End Caps

3M heat shrink cable caps and cable breakouts are designed for quick and easy insulation and sealing of cable end or crutches, and provide resistance to abrasion, weathering and chemical attack. Each heat shrink cable cap is a moulded part which will cover a wide range of sizes and different types of cables up to 145mm outside diameter.

Cable caps are suitable for use with de-energised (“dead”) and out of service cables: LV 600V 1000V | MV 11kV 33kV | HV 66kV 132kV – refer to cable abandonment kits for temporary or permanent sealing and grounding of LV cables up to 3.3kV subject to potential future energisation.

These heat shrinkable moulded parts are made from semi-rigid, cross-linked modified polyolefin material which is internally coated with hot melt adhesive. The materials used are zero halogen.

On application of heat, using a heat shrink gas torch, the adhesive melts and the cable cap shrinks forming a perfect watertight seal.

Thorne & Derrick distribute complete range of cable terminations in both heat shrink and Cold Shrink for LV (Low Voltage), MV (Medium Voltage) and HV (High Voltage) cables and power systems.

Heat Shrink Cable Caps

Heat Shrink Cable Caps

Cable Caps


Cable caps are coated with an inner wall or hot melt sealant exhibiting excellent bonding and sealing characteristics to all materials commonly used in the cable insulation and sheath constructions including plastic, rubber, lead and aluminium.

3M Heat Shrink Cable Cap Part Number Cable Cap Application
Wall Thickness
sqmm mm mm mm mm
3M SKE 4/10 4 – 8 10 4 40 2.5
3M SKE 8/20 8 – 16 20 8 65 2.5
3M SKE 15/40 15 – 32 40 15 105 3.0
3M SKE 25/63 25 – 51 63 25 160 4.5
3M SKE 30/76 30 – 61 76 30 140 4.5
3M SKE 45/100 45 – 80 100 45 160 4.0
3M SKE 61/158 63 – 126 158 63 190 4.0


Physical Properties Value Test Method
Density 1.05 ± 0.2 g/cm3 ASTM D-1505/D=M/V
Hardness 45 ± 3 shore D ASTM D-2240
Tensile strength 10 N/sqmm ASTM D-412 / ISO 37
Ultimate elongation 300 % ASTM D-412 / ISO 37
Water absorption 0.15 % ASTM D-570 / ISO 62
Longitudinal Shrinkage 10 %
Recovery Temperature 120 °C IEC – 216
Peel strength 100 N/25 mm Rolling Drum method
Thermal Tests
Operating temperature range – 30 °C, + 135 °C DIN 53 466
Thermal Ageing (150 °C for 168 hrs)
Tensile strength 8 N/sqmm ASTM D-412 / ISO 37
Ultimate elongation 200 % ASTM D-412 / ISO 37
Flammability Not self extinguishing ASTM D 876
Low Temperature Flexibility – 40 °C ASTM D 2671C
Electrical Properties
Volume resistivity 1 x 1013 Ohm-cm ASTM D-257 / IEC 93
Dielectric strength 10 kV/mm ASTM D-149 / IEC 243
Chemical Properties
Corrosion None ASTM D 2671

Excerpt Cable Jointing Manual LV Cables (UKPN) | Sealing & Capping LV Cables | Gently apply a soft flame from a gas torch to heat the end of the cable cap first before moving on to shrink along the full length – the Jointer is pictured using an insulated plastic wedge to retain the cap in place on the cable end. Utility audits have evidenced from field reports that steel wire armoured, plastic sheathed power, pilot and telecoms cables showed signs of water ingress even though they had been sealed. The main cause was diagnosed as due to the outer sheath only being sealed. Several cable types have both an inner and outer plastic sheath that both require to be sealed from moisture as water can travel between theses sheaths along the armour wires.

Cable Caps | Heat Shrink & Cold Shrink

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