11kV PILC Heat Shrink Cable Joint 3 Core 185-300qmm SPAJ-12P-185-300-3

11kV PILC Heat Shrink Cable Joint 3 Core 185-300qmm SPAJ-12P-185-300-3

11kV 3 Core XLPE PILC Cable Joints

11kV cable joints are suitable for medium/high voltage (MV-HV) 3 core PILC cables.

Heat shrink cable joints suit 11kV cables with 185sqmm, 240sqmm or 300sqmm 3 core conductors (copper or aluminium).

Shrink Polymer Systems 11kV cable joints are tested to CENELEC standards HD 628 S1 and 629.1 S2:2006 encompassing VDE 0278 and IEC 60502 – heat shrink joints are smooth profile design ideal for confined spaces, direct burial and vertical jointing of cables.

11kV Joint 3 core Cables

  • Cable Joint Type – Heat Shrink
  • Cable Voltage – 11kV
  • Number of Cores – 3 Core
  • Conductors – 185sqmm, 240sqmm, 300sqmm
  • Cable Type – PILC
  • Joint Kit Order Code – SPAJ-12P-185-300-3
  • Conductor JointingPfisterer Sicon (Mechanical) or Cembre (Crimp)
11kV Joint PILC Cable 3 Core - Cable Preparation

11kV Joint PILC Cable 3 Core – Cable Preparation

Ensure the 11kV cables overlap before preparing to the dimensions shown above and in accordance with the conductor size below. Follow the cable jointing dimensions according to the size range of the kit supplied.

The cable joint is suitable for various cable combinations, follow the individual guidance on the pages within the Jointing Instruction for the relevant cable preparation.

Dimension X is from the centre of the connector to the screen points.

Note:- These joints are designed for use with MV compression ferrules and “tapered centralised conductor” mechanical connectors.

  • Conductor size – 185-300sqmm
  • A – 670mm
  • B – 380mm
  • C – 800mm
  • D – 510mm
  • X – 180mm
  • Maximum connector length – 140mm

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The following enables the heat shrink joint kit selection for 11kV 3 core cables with PILC insulation:

11kV Cable Joint – Part Code Conductor Size Cable Types
SPAJ 12P 35-70-3 3 Core 35-70sqmm 11kV PILC
SPAJ 12P 95-185-3 3 Core 95-185sqmm 11kV PILC
SPAJ 12P 185-300-3 3 Core 185-300sqmm 11kV PILC


Cable Joints

Cable Joints – LV MV HV joints suitable for all cable construction, arrangement and installation requirements from 6.6kV, 11kV up to 33kV.

Cable Terminations

To support the range of 11kV joints, T&D also distribute 11kV cable terminations for both indoor and outdoor use on underground and overhead power networks – typically used to connect high voltage power cables into air insulated switchgear/substations the heat shrink terminations provide excellent reliability, safety and availability from stock for immediate delivery:

  • Stress Control & Anti-Tracking
  • Electrical Insulation MV HV Terminations
  • Adhesive Lined Moisture Protection Heat Shrink Tubings
  • Excellent Mechanical Protection Of MV HV Cables
  • Resist UV & Thermal Degradation
  • Visit Joints, Terminations & Connectors MV HV 

T&D distribute 3M, Pfisterer Connex, Nexans Euromold and Elastimold.


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