3M 7624-T110-3RJS Cold Shrink Cable Terminations

3M Cable Terminations Cold Shrink

Cold Shrink

3M Terminations – Product Number Kit Series 7620-T-3RJS
Insulator Configuration – Tubular
Installation Environment – Indoor Cable Termination
Orientation – Normal
For MV HV Cable Types (With or Without Ground Wires) – G or  W (With or Without)

QTIII Cable Terminations

3M 7624-T110-3RJS cold shrink terminations for use with 3 core conductor medium/high voltage power cables 3.3kV to 15kV – the 3M QTIII terminations are one-piece silicone rubber cold shrink kits. View the download opposite for the complete specification and technical details for 3M 7624-T110-3RJS

To order or discuss a specific application for 3M 7624-T110-3RJS please contact T&D Sales.

BIL: 110kV

Cable Insulation Range: 23.4-30.0mm (0.92″ – 1.18″)

MV HV Cable Termination Range

3M 7624-T110-3W termination kit is suitable for use with the following MV-HV cables:

  • 3.3kV Cable IEC 240-300sqmm
  • 3.3kV Cable JIS 200-250sqmm
  • 5.0kV Cable AEIC 500-750 AWG
  • 6.6kV Cable JIS – 150-250sqmm
  • 6.6kV Cable IEC 185-300sqmm
  • 8.7kV Cable AEIC 400-600 AWG
  • 10kV Cable IEC – 185-300sqmm
  • 15kV Cable IEC 120-185sqmm
  • 15kV Cable AEIC 250-450 AWG

See further information about 3M Cold Shrink Cable Terminations suitable for connecting and terminating single and 3 core type polymeric medium/high voltage cables into switchgear, transformers and electrical equipment.

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3M 7620-S2-3W

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