3M Scotchcast 40 Resin – 2 Part Polyurethane Resin (Premium Cable Jointing)

3M Scotchcast 40 Resin - 2 Part Polyurethane Cable Jointing Resin (Premium)

3M Scotchcast 40 Resin – 2 Part Polyurethane Cable Jointing Resin (Premium)

3M Scotchcast Resin 40 is a non-filled, 2 part polyurethane cable jointing resin for temperature curing – the Scotchcast Resin has been specifically designed for electrical insulation and mechanical protection of resin cable joints.

3M Scotchcast Resin 40 is classified as LIW (low voltage insulation water curable) according to Cenelec HD 631.1 S2 Standard. Once cured, the resin provides impact resistance and durability against moisture and atmospheric corrosion.

40 polyurethane resin is used to encapsulate 3M LVI-2 armoured power cable joints.

3M Scotchcast 40 Resin

2 Part Polyurethane Cable Jointing Resin (Standard) Features

  • Scotchcast resin has good adhesion on metals and different plastics
  • Hydrophobic behaviour during curing stage of the resin cable joint
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability
  • Polyurethane resin available with Closed Mix and Pour Delivery System
  • Mechanical protection and electrical insulation of low voltage electrical joints installed for indoor and outdoor, underground and submerged applications

Resin 40 is contained in two chamber bags for quick mixing – the cable jointer must ensure careful mixing of the resin/hardener prior to pouring into the 3M Scotchcast cable joint. No gloves are required, 40 utilises 3M Closed Mix & Pour resin delivery system.

3M Scotchcast 40 resin DESCRIPTION

3M Scotchcast Resin 40 will be supplied, in two-chamber plastic pouches with peelable barrier in the correct stoichiometric proportion. This type of packaging will assure the correct mixing ratio for applying the polyurethane resin – a Closed Mix and Pour Delivery System.

The integrated pouring spout is opened while attaching the mixed resin bag to the housing of the cable joint shell, or by using the supplied opener. Scotchcast resin 40 has a shelf life of 36 months when stored between 10°C and 40°C with a humidity level < 75 % in the originally sealed bag.

3M Scotchcast 40 Resin – Technical Specification

3M Resin Type Polyetherurethane
Form 2 Part
Density (g/cm3)  1.07
Viscosity at 23°C (Pas) 0.9
Hardness (Shore D) 57
Elongation at break (%) 50
Pot life at 23°C (min) 20
Dielectric strength (kV/mm) 24
Exotherme Reaction (°C) – Temp 40°C 95
3M Scotchcast 40 Resin

Scotchcast 40 resin is in compliance with EU regulation 1907/2007/EC (REACH) and EU directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS).

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