London Underground (LUL) Approved Power Cable Cleats & Clamps

London Underground (LUL) Approved Power Cable Cleats & Clamps

Cable Cleats

Ellis Patents London Underground (LUL) Approved Power Cable Cleats & Cable Clamps are part of the 17 Series of single cable cleats for industrial and rail cable diameters ranging from 10-51mm outside diameters.

These cable fixings are LUL (London Underground) Approved – see also Flame Retardant V0 Zero Halogen LSF cable cleats and clamps manufactured as standard in Black Polypropylene (B) or Black Flame Retardant V0 Zero Halogen Phosphorus Free Nylon (LSF).

Power cable clamps are available in Black LLDPE or Black Polymeric LSF (low smoke and fume) material.

LUL approved Ellis Patents Cable Clamps/Cleats are compliant with the requirement of London Underground (LU) Standard 1-085. Product Register No.365 – contact us for further information about our complete range of LV MV HV Rail Cable Accessories with LU London Underground and Network Rail approvals.

LUL Cable Cleats

Data sheets for Black LLDPE and Black Polymeric LUL (LSF) are available upon request.

London Underground (LUL)

Standard 1-085

Ellis Patents plastic or polymeric cable cleats and clamps have been tested in accordance with and approved to London Underground (LUL) Standard 1-085 – cable cleats also tested to various other international standards relating to flame propagation, vertical burning, flammability (oxygen index), halogen gas, toxic fume and smoke emissions tests. The specially modified polymer is flame retardant, halogen free and compliant with LUL 1-085 London Underground Standard for smoke and toxic fume emissions – non metallic cable clamps are typically used to retain and support cables in rail tunnels, trackside, substation and sub-surface.

1-085 Fire Safety Performance Of Materials. The purpose of this Standard is to define the requirements for the fire safety of materials, in terms of flammability, smoke emission and toxic fume emission, installed on the London Underground (LU) rail network.

London Underground (LUL) Approved Power Cable Cleats & Clamps

London Underground (LUL) Approved Power Cable Cleats & Clamps

Cable Cleats & Clamps

Selection Table

LUL Approved Power Cable Cleat Part NumberCable RangeDimensions mmPack QuantitySWL kgfWeight
LLDPELULMin dia mmMax dia mmWHDFixing HoleLLDPELUL
Ellis 17-01B17-01LUL101527.817.6124.3100182.03.5
Ellis 17-02B17-02LUL121732.020.8144.3100243.35.4
Ellis 17-03B17-03LUL152037.125.3164.3100325.28.6
Ellis 17-04B17-04LUL182441.029.6184.3100397.312.2
Ellis 17-05B17-05LUL222952.135.4206.5505211.218.6
Ellis 17-06B17-06LUL363458.240.9226.5506616.527.9
Ellis 17-07B17-07LUL324269.349.2256.5257925.642.9
Ellis 17-08B17-08LUL395181.758.5266.5259336.260.1


London Underground (LUL) Approved Power Cable Cleats & Clamps- Dimensions

London Underground (LUL) Approved Power Cable Cleats & Clamps- Dimensions

Cables Authorised For Use & Meeting LU Category 1 Standard 1-085

Complete range of cable cleats are available to suit LV Low Voltage power, signal, communication and control cables – this includes cable clamps for signalling cables and Medium/High Voltage (MV- HV) track feeder cables distributing electrical power to traction substations and overhead lines at 25kV, 11kV and 33kV.

  • 600/1000V Circuit Integrity Single Core Insulated Non Sheathed Cable BS 7211:1998 EI5 Insulation
  • Standard BS 5839-1 26.2(d) Fire Alarms, BS 5839-8 Voice Alarms, BS 5266-1 8.22.2(a) Emergency Lighting
  • Enhanced BS 5266-1 8.2.2(b) & (d) Emergency Lighting, BS 5839-1 26.2(e) Fire Alarms, BS 5839-8 Voice Alarms
  • Power Cables Meeting BS7846 F120, BS8491 120 Minutes & BS6387 CWZ
  • Power Cables Meeting BS7846 F2 & BS6387 CWZ
  • Power Cables Meeting BS6724

Rail Cable Accessories, Electrification & Installation Equipment

Thorne & Derrick stock and distribute an extensive range of 400V-33kV Rail Cable Accessories & Power Distribution Sytems including feeder pillars to contractors undertaking Low Voltage Power Distribution, HV Electrification & Substations, DC Traction & Networks, OLE and Track Feeder Cable Renewals – complete range of Network Rail PADS approved track terminations, cable joints, cable repair and connection products up to 25kV, including 3M Cold Shrink, Pfisterer CONNEX and Nexans Euromold products.

Full range of Cable Pulling Equipment & Products to ensure safe and efficient of rail cables in to cable ducts and containment infrastructure including cable troughs.

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