Cembre CPP-0 Pump | Hydraulic Pump Use With Cembre Crimping & Cutting Tools

Cembre CPP-0 Pump

Cembre CPP-0 Pump

Cembre CPP-0 Pump

Cembre CPP-0 pump is an air hydraulic pump unit intensifies an air supply of 6÷8 bar (87-115 psi) to a power crimping or cutting force of up to 700 bar (10.000 psi) depending upon the input pressure for installing cable crimps, lugs and connectors.

The CPP-0 pump is delivered complete with a high pressure flexible hose with a “self-lock” female quick coupler suitable for connection to a Cembre hydraulic crimping tools or hydraulic cutting tools.

The hydraulic pump is provided with max pressure valve; MPC1 special manometer is available upon request to check the proper setting of the valve.

Hydraulic Pump User Instructions

  • Place the CPP-0 pump on a flat surface with the whole of the base resting on the ground – provides stability for the hydraulic pump during operation. The ambient working temperature must not exceed 50 C° (120° F) and the environment must be free from corrosive chemicals, oils and greases
  • Before tool operation ensure that the air pressure is between 6 and 8 bar (87 =115 psi)
  • Press the pedal on “PUMP” side to commence the build up of pressure and continue until completion of the operation (dies closing in case of compression head; full cable cut in case of cutting head; etc)
  • To release oil pressure in the pump circuit (and therefore reset the head or blade in the rest position) depress pedal on “RELEASE” side
  • To halt the operation at any stage, or to stop the pump and maintain the oil pressure, release pedal

For crimping heads it is recommended to continue pumping until the maximum pressure valve is actived and a “click” is heard.

How to Operate The Cembre CPP-0 Foot Pump

Cembre CPP-0 Pump

Cembre CPP-0 Pump

Cembre CPP-0 Pump


Cembre CPP-0 Hydraulic Pump Specification
Pump Length 320mm
Pump Width 150mm
Pump Height 200mm
Oil Reservoir Capacity 1400cm³
High Pressure Flexible Hose Length 2m
Air Pressure 6 ÷ 8 bar (87÷115psi)
Weight  6.8kg
Nominal Pressure Of Hydraulic Cutting Head 700 bar (10,000 psi)
Cembre CPP-0 Pump

Cembre CPP-0 Pump | Hydraulic Pump Use With Cembre Crimping & Cutting Tools

Some Fault Diagnosis Tips

Problem: Pump starts but oil pressure will not build up.

Solution: Check oil level in reservoir.

Problem: Ram in tool head advances slowly.

Solution: Purge air from system. Vent the reservoir by screw.

Problem: Pump will not build up to maximum pressure and the cutting/crimping operation is incomplete.

Solution: Check oil level in reservoir. Check that the air pressure is between 6 – 8 bar (87 =115 psi), in order to achieve maximum oil pressure.

How to Top Up Oil

  • Keep the pump on a flat surface
  • Unscrew the reservoir cap and top up the oil, until the hole is reached
  • Tighten the reservoir cap
Cleaning & Storage Of The Cembre CPP-0

The Cembre CPP-0 pump is robust and requires limited daily maintenance. Ensure optimum performance following and complying to the following actions:

  • Clean the tool thoroughly as dust, sand and dirt are a danger for any hydraulic tool or device
  • Avoid placing the pump on muddy or dusty ground
  • After the completion of the work, release the oil pressure and disconnect the air supply
  • Coil the hose around the casing and cover the pump, to protect from dust
  • After every use clean the hydraulic CPP-0 pump with a clean cloth removing all residue especially close to pivots and moveable parts
  • Ensure the pump is suitably protected and stored to prevent damage


Care should be taken when using and operating the Cembre CPP-0 – some general advice is provided here however should you have any additional queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Flexible hose is suitable for high operating pressure but when operating it should not be tightly bent, knotted, kinked or squashed
  • The hose must be kept straight in order to avoid any kinking
  • To improve oil delivery and increase usable oil capacity it is important to vent the reservoir by the screw on the filler plug

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