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Cembre CPU1131-C Hydraulic Foot Pumps

Cembre CPU1131-C

Cembre CPU1131-C Hydraulic Foot Pumps

Cembre CPU1131-C is a hydraulic unit that is obtained by combining the double stage hydraulic foot pump with the various hydraulic pressheads. The use of the double stage pump considerably reduces operating time.

The hydraulic foot pump is suitable for use with both Cembre hydraulic crimping tools and Cembre hydraulic cutting tools.

Cembre CPU1131-C Hydraulic Foot Pump Specification
Pump Length 680mm
Pump Width 163mm
Pump Height 200mm
Force Developed 130kN
Weight  13.5kg
Presshead Dimensions  245mm x 89mm


Cembre CPU1131-C is supplied with a VAL P21 carrying case suitable for the storage of 24 semi-circular slotted dies.

Cembre CPU1131-C

Cembre CPU1131-C

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