Cembre B70M-P24 Pump | Portable Electro Hydraulic Cembre Pump

Cembre B70M-P24 Pump

Cembre B70M-P24 Pump

Please note – this part number has been discontinued. Please contact Thorne & Derrick for a suitable alternative and we will be happy to help.

Cembre B70M-P24 is a portable electro-hydraulic pump operating at 24V dc by battery for independent us developing a maximum pressure of 10,000 psi for installing cable crimps, lugs and connectors.

B70M-P24 pump features an integral socket for connection to an external 24 V dc supply. It is also available insulated and operated by remote pneumatic hand controller and supplied with an non-conductive hose.

The pump is fitted with a maximum pressure valve and pressure switch. The MPC1 gauge is available upon request to check the proper setting of the pressure switch.

Note: High pressure flexible hoses are subject to a natural ageing process which can result in a reduction in performance potentially affecting safety of the operator. As a result their life
span is limited.

The electro-hydraulic pump is suitable for use with both Cembre hydraulic crimping tools and Cembre hydraulic cutting tools.

Electro-Hydraulic Pump User Instructions

  • The pump is supplied with the battery completely discharged; before use, fully charge the battery using the charger supplied
  • In order to extract the battery from its housing we recommend you lay the pump on its back: press the release button downwards (1) remove the battery (2); to insert it, simply slide it in along the guides until it locks
  • Carry the pump using the integral handle or the shoulder strap attached to the rings
  • Position the pump on a flat surface. There are two stable work positions recommended: Vertical, resting on its base. Horizontal, resting on its back where moulded ribs improve firmness and stability. Should it be necessary however, the pump’s hermetically sealed hydraulic circuit allows it to operate in any position.
  • Remove “REMOTE CONTROLLER” protective cap, connect the remote hand controller to the socket tighten the plug by turning the bezel clockwise until it locks
  • Check the high pressure hose if abrasions are evident, or if the hose is kinked or damaged, do not use; connect the hose to the hydraulic head, and to the corresponding female coupler on the pump

Cembre B70M-P2401 Hydraulic pump
Oil filler cap
Anchor ring for shoulder strap
Integral handle
Mechanical pressure release button
Battery residual power display
Socket for connecting the remote hand controller
Socket for connecting to external 24V DC supply
Quicker release female automatic hydraulic coupler
Quicker release female automatic hydraulic coupler (for use with insulated pump only)
Remote hand controller*
11 Ni-MH rechargeable battery
12 Self-ventilating battery charger, 220-240V/50-60Hz
13 3 metre high pressure flexible hose with quick release male/female automatic hydraulic couplings*
14 Shoulder Strap
15 Canvas bag type CVB-009 for storing accesories
16 Remote pneumatic hand controller (for use with insulated pump only)

*Not applicable to insulated pump

Cembre B70M-P24 Electro-Hydraulic Pump Specification
Pump Length 390mm
Pump Width 163mm
Pump Height 323mm
Battery Voltage  24V
Battery Current 3.1Ah
Weight  9.2kg
Nominal Pressure Of Hydraulic Cutting Head 700 bar (10,000 psi)
Cembre B70M-P24 Pump

Cembre B70M-P24 Pump | Portable Electro Hydraulic Cembre Pump

Cembre B70M-P24 Pump Canvas Storage Bag

Cembre B70M-P24 | Pump Canvas Storage Bag

Some Fault Diagnosis Tips

Problem Possible Solution
The pump does not start when the remote controller push button Discharged battery. Charge the battery
Incorrect connection of the remote controller plug Connect plug correctly and secure with the locking bezel
The pump starts but immediately stops Incorrect connection of the high pressure hose to the pump or to the hydraulic head Check the quick couplers for correct connection
The pump starts but the oil is not pressurised Insufficient oil in the reservoir Top up the oil reservoir
No advancement, slow or pusat­ing advancement of the ram of the hydraulic head connected to the pump Air in the internal hydraulic circuit of the pump Purge air bubbles in the internal hydraulic circuit
After long use the pump will not start The thermal switch has triggered because of motor overheating Allow the pump to rest and wait until the motor has cooled down
It is not possible to couple the flexible hose to the pump Residual pressure of the oil in the hose Connect the flexible hose to the pump keeping the release button pushed

How to Top Up Oil

  • Position the pump on its base on a flat surface
  • Completely discharge the oil pressure by pushing the pressure release button
  • Check the level of the oil and top up very slowly to completely fill the oil reservoir
  • When the operation is finished replace the cap (02)
  • To avoid air bubbles forming, we recommend keeping the oil reservoir always full
  • Always use clean recommended oil
  • Do not use old or recycled oil
  • Do not use hydraulic brake fluid
  • Insulated versions of the pump contain special insulating oil which must not be polluted with any other types of oil

Cembre B70M-P24 Oil Top Up

Cleaning & Storage Of The Cembre B70M-P24

The Cembre B70M-P24 pump is robust and requires limited daily maintenance. Ensure optimum performance following and complying to the following actions:

  • After every use the pump and accessories must be wiped with a clean cloth taking care to remove any residue – especially around the sockets (07 and 08), the quick coupler (09) and inside the pro­tective caps
  • After completion of the work: release the oil pressure by pressing the release push button and make sure that the ram of the head connected is completely retracted
  • Disconnect and store the remote controller (10) and hose (13) in the canvas accessories bag (15)
  • Replace the protective caps
  • Store the unit in a clean, dry environment


Care should be taken when using and operating the Cembre B70M-P24 – some general advice is provided here however should you have any additional queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Avoid dirty surfaces: dust and sand are a danger to any hydraulic equipment
  • Before disconnecting the hydraulic head from the hose, make sure that the ram is completely retracted
  • Do not bend or kink the hydraulic hose

➡ For Cembre electrical connections, see Cable Crimps, Lugs & Connectors

Contact T&D to discuss crimping cables at MV-HV, including 11kV-33kV, to ensure correct Cembre tool, lug/splice and die set selection – visit battery crimping tools for repetitive crimping of cables without strain injury or worker fatigue.

Full range of battery cable cutting tools also available.


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