Trefoil Cable Cleat – Ellis Alpha ALP-11-AN0

Trefoil Cable Cleat – Ellis Alpha ALP-11-AN0

Trefoil Cleats

Cable Cleat Maximum Short Circuit Test Level 96kA – Cleat Spacing 300mm

Cable Cleat Maximum Short Circuit Test Level 72kA – Cleat Spacing 600mm

Ellis ALP-11-AN0 Alpha cable cleats are manufactured by Ellis Patents from extruded aluminium or with LSF Zero Halogen base type (ALP-11-AN1) – the trefoil cable cleats are designed to fix, retain and support single core power cables installed in trefoil formation where moderate to low levels of short circuit protection withstand are required according to IEC61914 calculations.

Ellis Patents ALP-11-AN0 cable cleats are suitable for clamping cables in trefoil arrangement between 50.5-54.6mm overall cable diameter.

The cable cleats are typically installed in commercial, industrial, LV HV substations and power systems distributing electricity at 600/100V, 11kV and 33kV voltages – used to cleat BS5467, BS6724, BS6622 type cables. 

Alpha Cable Cleats form part of the Ellis Patents range of trefoil cable cleats – Ellis ALP-11-AN0 is compliant with the London Underground Engineering Standard 1-085 and approved for use within the LUL rail network. Product Approval Register No: 360.

Ellis Cable Cleats ALP-11-AN0

Technical Specification

  • Trefoil Cleat Diameter Min 50.5mm
  • Trefoil Cleat Diameter Max 54.6mm
Trefoil Cable Cleat – Ellis Alpha ALP-11-AN0

Ellis Patents ALP-11-AN0 Alpha Trefoil Cable Cleats 50.5-54.6mm

Ellis patents ALP-11-AN0 Cleat Dimensions

  • Width 127mm
  • Height 148mm
  • Cleat Depth 48.5mm
  • 1 x M 10 Clamp Fixing Holes
  • Weight 288g

Trefoil Cable Cleat Selection Table

Specification details for Ellis Patents Alpha ALP-11-AN0 cable cleat for trefoil cable applications:

Trefoil Cable Cleat Part Number – Aluminium Base Trefoil Cable Cleat Part Number – LSF Zero Halogen Base Min Dia (mm) Max Dia (mm) W (mm) H (mm) D (mm) Cleat Fixing Holes Weight (g)
ALP-11-AN0 ALP-11-AN1 50.5 54.6 127 148 48.5 1 x M10 288

Trefoil Cable Cleat – Ellis Alpha ALP-11-AN0

ALpha Cable Cleats – Installation Instructions

Installation instructions for trefoil cable cleats using Alpha cleats manufactured by Ellis Patents:

Remove the setscrew Install Cables Replace the setscrew

 Remove the setscrew, sprung washer and nut. Fix the cleat to the support structure with a securing bolt, washer and nut (supplied upon request).
NOTE: The cleat may have the optional LSF (plastic base). Installation instructions are common.
2. Install the cables.

NOTE: Trefoil installation pictured – single cable installation similar.

3. Replace the setscrew, sprung washer and nut and tighten. 

Do not over-tighten. The cable cleat should secure the cable but does not need to be so tight that the cable bulges at either side of the trefoil cleat.