Jointing Of Waveform Distribution Mains & Service Cables

Published 09 Oct 2019

Waveform Cables 3 Core & 4 Core BS7870-3.402011

Waveform Cables 3 Core & 4 Core BS7870-3.402011

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Accessing Phase, Neutral & Earth Conductors

3 & 4 Core Waveform Cables are in widespread service throughout the UK DNO network – these type of cables must be stripped in accordance with the appropriate Approved Cable Jointing Instruction issued by the network DNO.

Waveform Cables

Often waveform cables are jointed live :

  1. Remove outer PVC cable sheath using insulated cable stripping knife
  2. Remove the soft unvulcanised rubber, if present, in which the neutral/earth or earth wires are embedded using an insulated Sicame Hepnfy
  3. Lift the neutral/earth or earth wires using an insulated core seperator from the inner rubber bedding
  4. Remove the inner unvulcanised rubber from the cores using an insulated Sicame Hepnyf

Steps 1 to 4 are excerpted from SP Energy Networks, LWM Low Voltage Cable Jointing Issue 6 OPSAF-12-011 Manual. 2010.

Insulated Tools

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Cable Joints

The fully insulated Sicame Mini-Hepnyf has been developed to compliment the standard Hepnyf and has a particular beneficial application in the stripping of lead sheath from small PILC service cables by the cable jointer – the jointers knife can also be used for the removal of mastic bedding on all types of waveform cables.

Using the correct tools to prepare industrial and utility cables before cable jointing and terminating reduces catastrophic cable failures.

LV-HV cable jointing tools enable cable preparation, stripping and cutting of insulation (XLPE, EPR), semi-conductive screens (bonded and peelable) and cable sheaths (PVC, PE, EPR) from single and multi-core cables.

LV Cable Joints (Low Voltage Cables)

Thorne & Derrick stock and distribute LV Joints in Cold Shrink, Heat Shrink or Resin Cast technologies – multicore and multi-pair cable joints are available for immediate backfill and energisation of Low Voltage power, control and instrumentation cables 600V/1000V 3.3kV.

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