11kV Solderless Screen Earth Kit Nexans SE5

11kV Solderless Screen Earth Kit Nexans SE5

Nexans SE5 is a solderless screen earth kit used to earth copper tape screens of polymeric (XLPE and EPR) insulated MV-HV power cables without the need for soldering.

The Nexans SE5 earth kit is supplied in sets of three phases suitable for earthing 3 core and single core 11kV/33kV cables when cable terminations are installed in air insulated cable end boxes.

Each solderless earth screening SE5 kit contains three stainless steel constant force springs and three lengths of non-corrosive tinned copper braid – Nexans SE5 effectively earths tape screened cables with screen diameters in the range 41-65mm.

Each earth braid features a soldered end with stud hole for connection to the Nexans HSGK cable gland or system grounding point – soldered moisture blocks protecting the cables primary insulation when used in conjunction with heat shrink or cold shrink cable terminations.

Selection information based on MV-HV 3 core cables:

  • Nexans Part Number – SE5
  • Screen Earth Kit Diameter Range -41mm-65mm
  • 6.6kV Cables – 800-1000sqmm
  • 11kV/12kV Cables – 800-1000sqmm
  • 17kV/24kV Cables – 630-1000
  • 33kV/36kV Cables – 400-1000
  • 3 Core XLPE EPR Copper Tape Screen Earthing Kit
Copper Tape Screens

The essential function of copper tape screens on medium/high voltage power cables is to eliminate and control the electric field outside of the MV-HV cables acting as a second electrode of the capacitor formed by the cable.

Cable Terminations 11kV 33kV with copper tape screens

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